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Other stories from this week's print edition


DobsoncaneHas Stephen Tate's cane resurfaced? - The elaborate golden-handeled cane thought to belong to the father of Colonel Sam Tate is headed to the auction block this weekend. Jeff Dobson & Associates Auctioneers expect the cane to sell for between six to ten thousand dollars. Page 1A.

PHS locked down - Local law officials put Pickens County High School on lockdown after they had to perform a tactical manuever to keep a student needed for a court date from fleeing campus in his vehicle. Page 16A.

Ball Ground couple tours New Zeland on two wheels - Joan and Ely Barnes spent 15 days touring the lush islands of New Zeland hawg-style after having a Harley Davidson delivered to their hotel in Auckland. Following their adventures Joan wrote a travelouge and submitted it to us. Read the first installment in this week's edition. Page 13A.

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