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Cherokee Sheriff seeks info on missing Ball Ground man

Updated Monday 4-18

Press Release from 

Cherokee County Sheriff's Office


Canton, Cherokee County, Ga. April 15, 2011. The Cherokee Sheriff’s Office is seeking assistance from the public in locating a missing Ball Ground man.  Stephen Lyon, 48 years old, was last seen on March 6th. He is believed to be traveling on foot. Mr. Lyon has brown eyes, is approximately 6’2” and weighs 260 pounds. If anyone has seen, spoken to, or knows the whereabouts of Mr. Lyons, they are urged to contact investigators at 770-928-0239.

A spokesman from the Cherokee County Sheriff's Office said Lyon is just considered missing, not sought for an investigation, and his family is concerned.



-8 #11 StopTheMadness 2011-04-19 18:42
I give up good luck finding him I can't help with out more answers [deleted]n.
+6 #12 Tammy 2011-04-20 08:39
Wow, I can't believe how some people's minds work. StopTheMadness - I sincerely hope that you never have someone go missing in your family. Your remarks aren't just arrogant, they are ignorant as well. Even IF this man decided to just walk away from his family, what business is it of your's and if it was your husband/father/ brother/uncle, would you NOT want to find them? Do you treasure your family members that little that you would say 'I don't care'.

"So if he isn't wanted and he isn't mentally unstable there has to be a reason why the family would be concerned enough to ask the police for help." - Yes, because they LOVE him and are concerned about him. In case you hadn't noticed - bad things happen to good people all the time. I bet you'd be the type of person that would see a person/animal being abused and turn your head the other way. Not affecting you, is it?

I hope they have found this man by now.

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