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2009 murder charges dropped after judge rules self defense

A Jerusalem area man  has been granted immunity from two murder charges and one aggravated assault charge after a judge ruled Wilburn Curtis Childers acted in self defense in the 2009 shooting death of his cousin and neighbor.

Superior Court Judge Amanda Mercier ruled last week in favor of Wilburn Curtis Childers that self defense justified the shooting of Charles Wayne Childers and that the formerly accused Childers would not face malice murder, felony murder or aggravated assault charges brought by the state.


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Amanda Thomas
-6 #1 Amanda Thomas 2011-04-18 15:31
Charles Childers was my husbands best friend and a brother to me. They should answer for what they did! They will on judgement day! I pray for his family everyday, we all miss him so much! Justice was not served! It scares me they got away with murder! What happens next time? Does someone else have to die before somewthing is done? I knew Herk for ten years and he was kind and loving and strong and sweet! I miss him everyday! Amanda Thomas
+9 #2 StopTheMadness 2011-04-18 23:36
He should answer for protecting himself? [deleted]
+4 #3 Jen 2011-04-21 00:09
I think the question should be how many [deleted]? That was a big deciding factor in the judges' decision. It is hard to lose anyone before a natural death occurs...I hope all who have been involved in this mess, have learned not to associate themselves with people who stay in trouble and fight all the time...
+5 #4 Jen 2011-04-22 10:09
I don't think it's right that the moderator of this room allows somethings but not all..."Like they got away with murder"...evide ntly the judge didn't think so...and innuendos that Wilburn Childers is a serial killer...he protected himself ...and that's that...
+4 #5 StopTheMadness 2011-04-23 23:08
I agree and the courts do as well. The law may not be perfect but there is a reason there are jurors and that is to be judged by your peers. But it didn't have to even get that far to see that a man defended himself. And to think that you know better than a judge is crazy talk......well not really but you know what I mean.
+5 #6 Ron 2011-04-30 13:37
This case should have never been filed by the state if it was self defense. Georgia laws need to change. I have seen many examples when a traffic fatility when other parties were at fault, self defense, etc have been used by victims and the state of Georgia files charges automatically. The case should be investigated fully with all witness, victim and any other subject statements and then a decesion made to file or not. Its real life and people get into "accidents" without criminal intent and others have a definite right to defend themselves. Stop wasting the courts time and do the job correctly .. dont just file charges and close the case. I am talking from 38 years of experience in law enforcement and mainly all types of death and homicide cases!
this is crazy!!!!!!
-2 #7 this is crazy!!!!!! 2012-01-05 22:18
i think this is crazy!! i kne someone who was related to that family and i have heard her thoughts on this and she completely disagrees with the court and law inforcment! ive been there with her threw everything with this case what happend was tragic and no i dont think that it was self defence but i also wasnt there to know what happend and neither was anyone else. no one can change what happend and many people have been hurt. i may not know much about court and the law but i know plenty about life and i know that what goes around comes and if he wasnt defending himself then hes gonna get what he deserves when he goes and faces the good lord the truth will come out then because after all he knows everthing no matter what. and everything comes out in the end. when he goes befor god everything willl come out and no matter what it will not change things unfortunatley. yes i feel bad for the family that lost their loved one but time will go on and things will get easier. have a good day.
Tranquility Within
0 #8 Tranquility Within 2012-05-10 11:24
I have met a family member of Mr. Childers (the victim) recently. After discussing the case a bit, they have asked me to look into it. As a criminal justice student I do not yet have access to police files but will do what I AM capable of.

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