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2009 murder charges dropped after judge rules self defense

A Jerusalem area man  has been granted immunity from two murder charges and one aggravated assault charge after a judge ruled Wilburn Curtis Childers acted in self defense in the 2009 shooting death of his cousin and neighbor.

Superior Court Judge Amanda Mercier ruled last week in favor of Wilburn Curtis Childers that self defense justified the shooting of Charles Wayne Childers and that the formerly accused Childers would not face malice murder, felony murder or aggravated assault charges brought by the state.


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pinto colvig
-1 #11 pinto colvig 2017-08-30 13:41
Quoting Tranquility Within:
I have met a family member of Mr. Childers (the victim) recently. After discussing the case a bit, they have asked me to look into it. As a criminal justice student I do not yet have access to police files but will do what I AM capable of.

By God my pet turtle's uncle's former owner's cousin's step daughter knows ever body involved in this farce and she told me all the details which she swore are true, and it ain't gone down like none of yall say. So yuns best check your facts before you go spoutin off nonsense hearsay

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