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Bow Wow! Seven year old donates birthday gifts to animal shelter

For his birthday Nick Renner asked his friends to buy gifts that could be donated to the Pickens County Animal Shelter.

Above Renner is pictured with Pickens County Commissioner Rob Jones (left) and Pickens County Sheriff Donnie Craig.

By Angela Reinhardt

staff writer

Nick Renner made his parents proud last week when he decided to forgo birthday gifts and instead ask friends and family to bring donations for the Pickens County Animal Shelter.

“Like any typical kid he has way too many toys,” said Renner’s mother Marla. “So I thought I would suggest making a donation to an organization.”

Marla said she first suggested donating the toys he received to those in need, “but he wasn’t sure about that, so I suggested that he ask people to bring in gifts to donate to the animal shelter and his eyes got huge. He loves animals and he couldn’t wait to get the invitations out.”

Renner’s party was held at Jump Start in Jasper where he opened the animal-friendly gifts, which included dog food, cat food, treats and play toys.

Later that week Renner and his family then delivered the donations to the animal shelter on Camp Road where the Jasper Christian School student met Sheriff Donnie Craig and Commissioner Rob Jones.

“I was nervous,” Renner said, who told us he likes kittens and puppies best of all. “It made me feel good.”

When asked if he would do it again he said, “I know I would. I’ve got more toys than most anybody.”

The shelter’s manager Christiana Voyles said they do receive donations, but that they typically come in when people make adoptions or surrender animals.

“We do occasionally have some people just bring in a bag of food, though,” she said.

Voyles said the shelter is always in need of newspapers (to line the kennels), food, treats, toys and cash donations.

“But that kid was so cute,” she said. “All kids should be that cute. He was so well behaved.”

Renner’s father is Rodney Renner. He has two siblings, sister Alex and brother Andrew.

“This is something I am going to suggest for Christmas, too,” Renner’s mother said, “that they choose a group or organization and if they get money they donate some of it.”

The Pickens County Animal Shelter can be reached at 706-253-8983.

Angela Reinhardt can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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