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No joy in Mudville – rains hampering first week of Rec. Department ball

Muddy fields at Roper Park, have stopped action for much of the first week of softball, baseball and tee-ball.


Progress Staff reports

Rain not only forced the cancellation of the Recreation Department’s opening ceremonies Saturday, predicted spring storms threaten the first week of regular games for the 538 kids in the program this year.

Rec. Department Director Melinda Goss said 2011 followed a pattern in the last four or five years of downpours drowning out opening day of the softball, tee-ball and baseball seasons. Last year the opening proceeded with cold temperatures and strong winds, but most of the past years have been just as soggy as last Saturday.

“We had to cancel Saturday ceremonies,” Goss said Monday. “We were supposed to start games tonight [Monday] but the weather is not looking too good for that either.”

Tuesday the skies remained cloudy at mid-morning, giving little opportunity for the muddy fields to dry out. Further storms were predicted for later in the week.

Goss said if the weather doesn’t improve this week, teams will be forced to wait until after spring break for regular season action. No games are scheduled for next week due to spring break.

Goss said they have re-done the schedule this year to allow for make up games on Saturday as no regular games are scheduled then. “We had planned for make-up games on Saturday,” she said. “We can get in a lot of games on a Saturday.”

Rather than opening ceremonies, Goss said the department will host some type of “end-of-season fun day” to coincide with tournaments planned this year for the end of the year. New for this year in all Rec. Department age divisions except tee-ball are double elimination tournaments.

Goss said the plans are for the regular season to end on May 14 and they aren’t planning to extend it with make-up games.

Goss reported that the fields and facilities were ready to go on Saturday. “Everything is looking good,” she said.

A big relief to many parents, the large back parking lot will be open for games following some work on a new gym for the park that had closed the access to the parking earlier.


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