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Forest Fire Under Control in Marble Hill

Ga. Forestry crews burn areas along Highway 53 in Marble Hill to prevent the spread of a wildland fire that has consumed 780 acres since Tuesday. Seth Pierce with the Ga. Forestry Commission said Friday afternoon that the forest fire was 80 percent contained and under control. He said by nightfall Friday they would have it completely controlled, but the area may still continue to smoke. Pierce said they had established lines around the perimeter and burned some areas ahead of the fire. They will continue monitoring it.

Only one house has been threatened with no other homes in the area.

The fire began Tuesday and was thought to be mostly out Wednesday afternoon, but strong winds in the storm that night brought it back to life. No structures have been damaged.


Wendy Parker
+6 #1 Wendy Parker 2011-03-26 05:50
Good job by the Forestry crew and all the other firefighters involved! Thanks for keeping everyone safe!

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