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Heavy winds leave mostly minor property damage


Employees from Jasper Banking Company and a neighboring print shop on Main Street clean up the remains of the clock-sign which was blown away in heavy winds Wednesday night. Other roofs and signs throughout Jasper showed signs of damage from strong winds Thursday morning. 


See more scenes from wind damage Wednesday around Jasper

Damage from Wednesday night’s winds were mostly minor and mainly in Jasper.

“It appears at this point the damage was pretty much cosmetic with a little debris, downed trees, signs awning and some roof damage,” said Pickens Fire Chief Bob Howard. However, he noted there may be damage that hasn’t been reported yet.

Howard said there were no injuries reported due to the storm.

Jasper Bank employee Jerry Edwards, who was among those cleaning up the pieces of their clock, said the Main Street fixture had been there for 30 years without every being damaged in previous storms.

Edwards, who also serves as the Fire Chief of the Volunteer Department at Hinton, said he had been told there were two poultry houses in his area that were heavily damaged.

Fire Chief Howard said they don’t have the official reports in, but it appears to be straight line winds, not a tornado. Straight line winds can have speeds of 40-70 miles per hour and be very destructive, but lack the vortex and circular pattern of a tornado.

Jasper Mayor John Weaver reported that city crews were responding to several downed trees and spots with minor damage, but they had no reports of substantial damage in the city. 

Weaver said the winds were enough to wake him up. He encouraged everyone to sign up for the county’s “Code Red” telephone alert system to receive advanced notice of approaching storms.

“I wasn’t on Code Red last night, but I am today,” he said.

The Code Red system is an automated system provided by the county. It is handled through the National Weather Service and issues a warning call for those who have signed up and live in the path of the storm.

To sign up for Code Red Alerts log on here

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