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Jasper Farmers’ Market opens April 2


By Darla Huffman

Jasper Farmer’s Market public relations

Jasper Farmers’ Market will open Saturday morning, April 2, at 7:30. It has been an annual event in Pickens County since 1999 and has increased in popularity with every year as more and more people make it a regular part of their weekend.

Last year, the Market opened with 44 vendors and grew from there to a high of almost 70 vendors. Some have been selling at the Market since it opened; every Saturday brings new vendors. You never know who will be there selling what, but now some of the vendors are posting their information on the Jasper Farmers’ Market Facebook Page. You can check to see if you can get a cup of coffee.

One of the most popular things for sale this time of year is vegetable plants for your garden; locally grown and sold by the person who grew them. So if you have any questions, the answers are right there for you.   If you haven’t started your own seeds at home, this is a great time to get a wide variety of plants at just the right time for planting.

Joel Field and Ruth Poole were two of the vendors at the Jasper Farmers’ Market last year.


Other things that are usually available at the Market this time of year are landscaping plants, perennials and annual flowers.  Food vendors have bread, pastries and other baked goods and in the summer frozen sorbet.  The craft vendors offer a wide range of handmade products from lawn furniture to jewelry and have included such diverse items as reed flutes, pottery, purses, birdhouses, photographs, paintings, baskets, skin care products, candles and trellises.

You will probably see some of your friends and neighbors at the Market and you are sure to make some new friends. Kids and dogs on leashes are welcome.

The Jasper Farmers’ Market is open every Saturday morning from 7:30 until noon from the first Saturday in April through the last Saturday in October.  The exceptions are the Saturday Market will close for the 4th of July Celebration and for the Marble Festival. There is also a Wednesday morning Market from 7:30 to noon during the peak vegetable harvest from June 15 through August 31. The location for both is the Park and Ride Lot on Highway 53 next to Lee Newton Park.

Only handmade and homegrown items are sold. If you are interested in becoming a vendor see the Master Gardeners Web site for the complete rules. The Farmers’ Market is a project of the Pickens County Master Gardeners ( and the County Extension (706- 253-8840). Please contact either for more information.


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