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From Tate quarry to the capitol

Following his inauguration, Governor Nathan Deal was presented with the official nameplate for the Governor of the State of Georgia.

The nameplate is solid white Georgia marble and inlaid with the state seal and lettering in gold leaf. The lettering reads, “Nathan Deal 82nd Governor State of Georgia.”

Making the presentation was François Darmayan, president of Polycor Georgia Marble, Walter Davis III and Dennis Burnette. Davis is a descendant of Colonel Sam Tate the president of Georgia Marble at the turn of the 20th century.


Dennis Burnette approached Georgia Marble in 1982 about the possibility of the company providing each new governor of the State of Georgia with a marble nameplate. Georgia Marble in white, pink and gray are used throughout the State Capitol. Georgia Marble Company  agreed to design and craft an official nameplate for Georgia’s governors. The first nameplate was presented by Burnette and Georgia Marble Company to Governor Joe Frank Harris in 1983. Marble nameplates have been presented to Governors Miller, Barnes and Perdue.

Dennis Burnette said, “This is our fifth presentation in 28 years. Governor Deal was very pleased to be the recipient, not only because of the tradition, but he also is a huge proponent of Georgia products and was congressman for the area where the quarry is located in Tate.”

Marble has been the preferred construction stone for centuries due to its elegant, aesthetic and distinctive nature. Established in 1884, Georgia Marble took advantage of this well-known fact and started the extraction of the most popular dimensional marbles of America. The marble deposits in Pickens County are confirmed to be the world's largest with proven reserves of over 300 years at the current rate of extraction. Georgia Marble has been used in such prestigious projects as the Lincoln Memorial, the United States Capitol, the New York Stock Exchange and the Historic Pickens County Courthouse. The tombstones in our National Cemeteries represent a timeless tribute to our veterans.


NEW NAMEPLATE FOR THE GOVERNOR - (l-r) François Darmayan, president of Polycor Georgia Marble, Governor Nathan Deal, Walter Davis III, Dennis Burnette and First Lady Sandra Deal.