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PHS seniors to have choice of new graduation gowns


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PHS seniors will soon choose what type of graduation gown they will wear at their spring commencement ceremony as the previous green for boys and white for girls will change to a single color.

Superintendent Carlton Wilson said Friday afternoon that seniors will pick from one of three designs. Jostens, the company from whom seniors purchase their graduation gowns, will provide PHS with a selection of three different green gowns. One is all green with a white P logo on it, one is green with white stripes around the sleeves and another one that, while primarily green, will incorporate some white.

See statement from Principal Chris Wallace at the end of this story.


Seniors will vote on which gown they prefer to wear. 

“And when people say we are breaking a tradition - in 1999, 2000, 2002, 2004, 2005 - they wore all green,” Wilson said, pointing out that the white female gowns were not used those years.

Wilson said PHS is one of the last schools, especially among those that Jostens services, that has multiple colors for graduation.

“I’ve heard a lot of complaints from different ladies that some can be see through, especially if it rains,” Wilson said. “This is a way to unify the entire student body.”

Wilson pointed out that all colleges and most high schools use one color for graduation gowns.


Graduation Gown Meeting Summary





+4 #1 Jj 2018-09-06 21:09
We all know this is the high schools way of the inclusion of the mentally ill transgender movement of the left. Its in our schools and our leaders are discriminating against the majority using whatever excuse they can conjure. Its really sad but its here in Pickens. If it was just a color thing they would just do it one color like most of their family members before them. Guess what? Its going to go Natiinal in a few days with my large social media presence and friends of over 2 million followers. Good job Pickens

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