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Ga. Supreme Court finds problem with county zoning process


Plaintiff’s attorney John Capo, whose office is in Jasper,  argues at the Georgia Supreme Court in February. Defense attorney Phil Friduss is seated behind Capo 

         The highest court in Georgia has made a unanimous ruling that could impact the way zoning decisions are handled in Pickens County. 

In the opinion released on June 4 in Hoechstetter et al. v. Pickens County et al., the Supreme Court of Georgia found the Pickens County Planning Commission does not provide adequate information about public hearing proceedings in their rezoning recommendation to the Pickens County Board of Commissioners, which makes the final decision on all rezoning requests. 

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Maureen C. Allen
-12 #1 Maureen C. Allen 2018-06-18 23:34
Now may Georgia's Supreme Court take a long, hard look at the appalling partisanship that directs redrawing our voting districts. We could actually trust our "elected" officials if they insisted upon independent oversight instead of hoping we won't notice the fox guarding the henhouse! Your legislator makes certain his district is drawn to favor his continued power--and gets away with it! Accountability in public service starts with honest elections.

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