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Flyover Country: Excerpt from Progress contributer's new book

TEA party Larry Cavender

Pickens Progress Contributer Larry Cavender


By Larry Cavender


[An excerpt reprinted from the book, The World Turned Upside Down: A forgotten man's view of our fractured and upturned world - now on sale at the Pickens Progress office and at]


What exactly is "flyover country"?

Often, flyover country is a term used disdainfully by the liberal elites of the eastern and western coasts as that broad swath of nothingness they traverse when they spend hours on a plane commuting between the liberal outposts of the northeast and the left coast.

Sometimes, the term is used synonymously with the word heartland which means "the central part of the United States...."


It was the residents of flyover country that propelled Donald J. Trump to the highest elected office in our land, and now the liberals and elites have even more disdain for flyover country.

When the liberal elites fly over us, they look out the windows of their private or chartered jets and see nothing. To them, what they see below is totally unimportant and is simply a necessary impediment to getting to their more "important" destinations. They could care less about the heartland or the people who reside there. 

It is the heartland of America, I believe, that inspired Katherine Lee Bates to write the poem that would later evolve into the beautiful patriotic hymn, "America the Beautiful." I'm sure it was the heartland Bates was thinking of when she wrote, "...For spacious skies, for purple mountains' majesty, above the fruited plain." 

When the liberal elites look down upon flyover country, they see nothing but barrenness in the geometric patterns criss-crossing the earth's floor. Having been born and lived all of my life in the heartland, I see something totally different… a wonderful mosaic woven into the inner fabric of our nation.

I see the ancient undulating ranges of the Appalachians, and the majestic and rugged peaks of the Rockies and Sierras. I see streams and rivers, from the sleepy and slow-moving Suwannee of the South, to the wild and scenic Snake of the northwest, to the mighty Mississippi....

I see the bluegrass of Kentucky and the sawgrass of the Everglades.... I see the heartland from the low country of the Carolinas to the high plains of Wyoming, from the bayous of Louisiana to the lakes of Minnesota. 

I see city parks where statues still stand defiantly proclaiming our nation's history, heritage, and legacy, where gazebos with brass bands are blaring out the patriotic strains of a John Phillips Sousa march… I see Little League ball parks and high school football stadiums

I see July Fourth fireworks displays bursting high above the town square and Christmas parades winding through streets lined with twinkling lights. 

I see communities… where the biggest social event of the year may be the New Year's Eve celebration in the town's civic center, or for those who are younger, the local high school Junior-Senior Prom.

I see cemeteries...where people place flowers next to tombstones patriarchs and matriarchs who have passed away.

And above it all, I see the church spires reaching high toward the heavens....

That's what I see in flyover country, in my heartland.

It is my hope that the liberal elites keep flying over and ignoring us so as not to sow the seeds of hate and intolerance in the soil of our nation's heartland, our wonderful flyover country.



Liberal in Jasper
-21 #1 Liberal in Jasper 2018-05-03 08:35
I find it funny that he thinks only liberals think this way. I'm a Liberal I have lived in Jasper for ten years now. Before I came here I grew up in the mountains of Colorado. SO as a liberal I don't see what he claims liberals see when they fly over. I see rivers that can be white water rafted, I see mountain to be hiked and scaled, I see something near and dear to my heart. I see my childhood. A lot of people on this liberal hate theme don't seem to understand what being a liberal is. Being a liberal is a lot like being a conservative. We have a lot of the same values, same dreams and same drive. The difference we have is that we as liberals think that things could be better if given half a chance than what they are now currently. So while the author shows a clear and evident hate of progressive thinking, he forgot one of his own founding principles. That as an educator he should want people to seek out new and creative ways to tackle modern day concerns. Somewhere the author lost that feeling. It could have been because he taught for so long to people who didn't appreciate him and his efforts as an educator or it could be that he is set in his ways and thinks change could be bad.

The problem with this thought process is as human being we should be challenging ourselves to improve the standards of life for all citizens, not just the few that think they know better.

So as a liberal the flyover statement comes out to me as complete hogwash. Just because liberals think a little different than your normal conservative thought processes does not mean at all what is implied by his statement.

I should also state that I was born in California, So not only am I one of those out westerns that he dislikes so much but I love the country, I love being in the foothills, there is no other thing more beautiful than a Forrest in my eyes.
pinto colvig
-12 #2 pinto colvig 2018-05-08 12:00
Is the entire book this whiny and complaining? "Boo hoo, the liberals don't like me." What a snowflake!
Trumpster Vulgarians
-10 #3 Trumpster Vulgarians 2018-05-16 14:48
Seems the whole us-and-them thing the Russians and the NRA and Trump's GOP flooded the internet and the media with has worked. People like this writer have destroyed their legacy and character to side with the sleazy corrupt vulgarian, Donald Trump and mob family.
The GOP, Collins and Graves and other waterboys on up, would defend Russia over America's future--for a few pieces of silver. How offensive.

But this writer has some kind of fantasy about flying liberals... while being manipulated by Chian, Russia, Israel, and now, North Korea. And what sway that porn star has over your leader.

Not that racist and women hating and anti-education bigots need a lot of coaxing to sign on sucking up to the loudmouthed bully Trump--these folks were probably such followers on the playground. Probably would also mock the disabled, or Gold Star families, or war heroes like McCain. And a hatred of the poor, and children, especially if they are brown.

At least get your facts straight: the Americans on the coasts pay more most taxes, those in the Trump-lover middle states you call flyover take from the federal government--sub sidized living, GOP style. They all are being stiffed by Trump's tax policy--if they are working people, poisoned by the GOP corporate poisoning is profitable health and environmental policy (kids with cancer---fine if there's less regulation for dumb people, right?) and laughing ll the way to the [foreign] bank.

And, did you rail against the death tax? I'm sur eyou have, tough you don't know anyone who would have to pay it---you have to leave $22 million, cash. You GOP suckers would our governments starve that super-wealthy pay taxes, right? That's what ignorant poor working people do. Literate and liberal Americans, not supporters of your vulgarian liar leader.
Literate E Leaker
-10 #4 Literate E Leaker 2018-05-16 23:20
Whoa, dude...your "book" excerpts read like this was a cheap Russian translation intended to divide working people. HAve you no decency, or is Trump the new God of the Shameless Grifters.

No wonder you're one of the Trumpsters. Simple and wrong understanding of what has made America great-educated liberal working people.

The GOP-Russian-par ty of Big Oil and the Rich is full of incivility, vulgarity, and a new level of greed that has no place in our society--go to the Philippines or Russia or Saudi Arabia, all 'lead' by immoral killers and and haters...who Trump sucks up to, and compliments. How crude and debasing of all that America has stood for...the world is seeing real Americans mocked and manipulated by a showman. Stormy who? Grab 'em by the what? McCain is a loser? Your values, Trumpsters?

Christians and patriots wince every time you frauds start your drivel attacking "liberals". Pity the Pickens "students". Read some real histor--it wasn't teh Grand Oily Party that built America. Or TV celebrities of the debased.

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