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Bye, bye, bylaws: Former Econ. Director questions firing

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        At Monday’s Jasper City Council meeting, Gerry Nechvatal disputed the authority of the Economic Development Council  to fire him as the joint economic developer for Jasper and Pickens County.

        Former Pickens County Economic Development Director confronted the Jasper mayor and city council at their regular meeting  about the legality of his recent termination.   

The joint Pickens County and Jasper Economic Development Council (EDC) voted Jan. 24 to relieve Nechvatal of his duties – but it was unclear at that time if that council had the authority to take such action. According to Nechvatal, who wrote the council’s bylaws, they were not within their rights to remove him.   

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+21 #1 Question 2018-02-07 12:07
How could it be that the entity that hired him would not also have the authority to fire him?
+18 #2 Sabrina 2018-02-08 09:56
Seriously how can you legally write bylaws to protect your own job?
Sam Tates Ghost
-14 #3 Sam Tates Ghost 2018-02-10 16:51
This was the worse termination attempt I've seen. He needed to be gone YEARS AGO. Should have been organized a lot better with severance package into the night.

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