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Senior school tax topic gets heated

Officials say more exemptions for seniors

means more taxes for the rest of us at forum


Chief Tax Appraiser Roy Dobbs responds to a question during a contentious meeting Monday on senior school taxes as  Superintendent Carlton Wilson, center, and local Democratic Party Chairman David Robinson look on.

   Seniors demanding more relief from school taxes were undaunted by claims that new exemptions would cause the tax rate to rise as much as 30 percent on all other taxpayers during a  forum Monday.

They were similarly not persuaded by a photo of the 2017 Pickens High graduating class with Chief Tax Appraiser Roy Dobbs stating these are the real seniors who will change Pickens County, a riff on the group Seniors for Change, leading the effort to increase senior property tax exemptions.

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+5 #11 STFU 2017-11-06 13:47
Quoting Charlie Brown & Lucy:
Quoting STFU
"Let me guess: it was year round, and by God it was 12 hours a day?

Dear STFU - What an excellent suggestion. Now if we can get the schoo bored and mommas and daddies thaty use schools for babysitting we just might make schools more efficient and save money besides. You have some good ideas here. Thanks for your suggestions.

I will take that response as you admitting that schools in your day were in fact tax payer funded, they were not year round, and they were not 12 hours daily. Am I right? It was a simple question, I'm not sure why you couldn't answer it clearly.

Do you have anything useful to suggest, or are you just going to post smartass comments?
Charlie Brown & Lucy
-7 #12 Charlie Brown & Lucy 2017-11-07 12:13
[quote name="STFU "It was a simple question, I'm not sure why you couldn't answer it clearly."

Hello Again STFU (I imagine those STFU letters mean something unbecoming to a civilized person) - You could do better.

I complimented you on your suggestions and you respond in a cheap, crude, snide manner.
If my 1st response was 'not clear' to you you need to lay on your shrinks couch a little longer next time.
My compliments to you remain as do your suggestions to all taxpayer paid school systems.
Means Test
-6 #13 Means Test 2017-11-08 09:56
Is this just greed driven? Pickens schools need funds--in the classroom, not the sports programs. Cutting taxes for the "elderly" at the expense of the future--especia lly if it results in dumber and less capable future citizens, isn't a win for anybody--but the greedy rich.

The proper away to give tax relief is with a means test: Those that have the means to pay--that is, income above a certain level, say $25,000 per year, as with social security income, pay property taxes. Simple. Disability exemptions can be added, too. Limits on how much property is exempted can be added.

Lumpkin was tricked into this. The result was lots of commercial timber land was put in Grandma's name to evade taxes, and rich retirees gloat as schools, EMS, Fire, and police protection was gutted.

But it's the Trumpian GOP way: stiff the poor, make the rich richer, handicap the future, lie, cheat, and count your money-the GOD of Republicanism.

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