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From guard-shacks to shorter school years

Superintendent chat covers broad territory

Family connections Wilson pic

Dr. Carlton Wilson

        Though only one family (three members of the public) turned up at the first school superintendent chat Monday evening, Dr. Carlton Wilson spent an hour going over a wide range of topics that are on the radar.

Wilson, who was hired earlier this year, made it clear these were all issues they were studying, gathering information or discussing. All must go to the school board before being enacted if they determine the plans would suit the local system.

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Tiffany Couch
-5 #1 Tiffany Couch 2017-10-04 18:29
How about worst school system for doing nothing about bullying and for setting kids up to be arrested because they eventually can't take it anymore and punch the bully. I think it a comic to keep kids out of college and have a violence record because principles do nothing and teachers are tired. They get no support from administration staff
Bob Hayles
-7 #2 Bob Hayles 2017-10-04 21:56
Guard shacks are even being considered? Idiots.
+8 #3 STFU Bob 2017-10-06 11:01
Quoting Bob Hayles:
Guard shacks are even being considered? Idiots.

I bet if the article had mentioned "goat shacks", you'd be all in, wouldn't you?

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