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Growth in all forms discussed by public, city officials

‘Where do you want to live, Jasper or Jonesboro?’ asks mayor


 “Where do you want to live, Jasper or Jonesboro?” Mayor, seated in middle with hand high, demands vote of those in attendance.


Pickens County needs more growth, slow growth, no growth. We’re falling behind or are just fine the way it is. All manner of opinions were put forth at the August 22nd Comprehensive Planning stakeholder meeting. 

Some of the thoughts on the community came as supportive suggestions, others  were lobbed like hand-grenades. Some views were left unchallenged while others dissected and elaborated on at length.

See full story in this week's print or online editions. 


Ghost of Sam Tate
+3 #1 Ghost of Sam Tate 2017-08-30 11:15
Jasper or Jonesboro? What a uneducated question is that? Most folks would like to be Dahlonega, Cleveland Tennessee, Blue Ridge Georgia, or Signal Mountain Tennessee and "some folks" has been living under those rocks lately, the town has taken quite a decline and only further declining with NO URGENCY to bring QUALITY. We can become a exurb that stands on it's own, but must enhance quality with modern technology and businesses that are beyond part and parcel. A park with a resort hotel, small cap manufacturing and artisan work. Live, Work and Play area that creates a VIBRANT 18 hour downtown. We have no leaders but whiners gushing for Phil Landrum to be our congressman again or the current candidate. Instead of moving forward.
vote em out people
-3 #2 vote em out people 2017-08-31 07:39
It's just this simple: Next election, vote against ALL incumbents (judges included). It'll never happen, however. Like most other elections, just the folks that support the incumbents'll vote. So, our major-league good ol' boys'll keep their jobs forever. Oh heyoll yeah!

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