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Animal advocates demand changes at meeting, protest on the street


Not going anywhere - Animal advocates say they intend to keep the pressure on with more protests and attendance at public meetings until changes are made at the county shelter.

There was no shortage of emotion at the July commissioners’ meeting, where animal rights advocates rallied around a former shelter employee and chided the board about what they say are “deplorable” conditions at the facility.

Unrest about the Pickens County Animal Shelter has been steady since assistant director Judy Moody was fired by commission chair Rob Jones on June 20th. Jones, who the animal activists accuse of cronyism, utilized the law in Georgia that allows employers to fire someone without giving reason. Jones simply said that Moody’s services were “no longer needed.” 

Read complete story and what our reporter found during a trip to the shelter in our print or e-edition this week.


+7 #1 Realist 2017-07-26 10:44
Fact is county commissioners had this put on their lap by a public official that made this the cornerstone of their campaign and dropped it when it no longer met their needs. They are doing what they can with one arm tied behind their back.

Shut the shelter down, and have private groups take back the animal rescue. .
+6 #2 Fido 2017-07-27 09:41
The facility was inspected by the Dept of Agriculture on 7/12 and the Progress visited unannounced on 7/20. Ag signed off on it with no problems and the Progress apparently saw no conditions such as those described by the zealots.

The behavior exhibited thus far by Mrs. Moody may be a better indicator of why she was released from her duties than the fact that she is a (self described, according to the article) "loud Portugese woman".

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