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2014 cuts will impact schools


     “It’s like juggling chainsaws,” Superintendent Ben Desper said of the upcoming  FY 2014 budget process for local schools in an interview last week.
    With the school board and administration opening the budget process for next year with a finance workshop on February 26th, Superintendent Desper and Chief Financial Officer Amy Burgess said they are looking at the toughest year either has seen “trying to make all the pieces fit,” according to Desper.
    Burgess said there is no way they are going to satisfy all parents, students and employees in the face of continued rising costs and falling revenue. This is the first year where parents will likely see firsthand the results of budget cuts when students report for school next year. In fact parents are already seeing this at the high school where the request for an additional soccer coach to handle a high player turn-out was denied.

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+4 #1 Snoopy 2013-02-13 13:56
Welcome to real world; the same ones families of every kind have been facing long before 2014.
+16 #2 CheckOpenGA 2013-02-14 13:43
The school is projected to have a 3.7 million dollar surplus on June 2013. They spent $10,000+ last year at At&T mobility. Over $68,000 at Apple Inc. How many facility members get I-phones and I-pads?
They spent over $100,000 on legal/lawyers last year! WOW! something going on us taxpayers don't know about?
I think real cuts can be made without students noticing!!!
All of this can be verified on and pickens county schools finacial report.
See where the money's going!!!

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