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Other Stories in our print edition (Sept. 15th)

• Accused In-Law Killer pleads not guilty – In an arraignment hearing last week, Ben Thomas Abbott pled not guilty of killing his wife’s parents at their Long Swamp Church Road home with a shotgun in February. See story page 1A.


• Series explores Black History in Pickens County – The first installment this week covers slavery and the Civil War, Page 4A.


• Epic Proportions Opens at Tater Patch Theater – the latest offering from the local theater group promises plenty of laughs and zany characters. Page 6A.



0 #1 ex-friend 2011-09-17 22:28
Ben confessed to the GBI and to his wife. If he is "repentant" as he claims, why did he lie to the court and plead not guilty? A truly repentant man would be willing to accept the consequences and not drag is wife and boys through through a awful court case where they will hear the gruesome details of his monstrous deeds. Man may have their sympathies but God says in Gen 9:6,"Whoso sheddeth man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God made he man." Ben, be a man and take what's coming to you! And to those of his friends that are coming to his defense, wake up! He has lied to you, to me, his wife, and most of all, he has lied to God. It's evident now that he has lived a hypocritical life for years, and we were all deceived. [deleted]would then have the audacity to stand before innocent children in Awanas and pretend to be a godly example.
-2 #2 Stopthemadness 2011-09-20 11:57
It's not lying it's called defense the man will plead guilty eventually. It is a tactic called legal representation. You know a lawyer defends you to get a better sentence. And you sir or ma'am who are supposed to be christian are a blatant hypocrite. I mean how can you come on here and spout the word like a Christian and condemn the man in the same sentence that's called judgment read the word. I'm not claiming to be a christian but you just proved your not.
-1 #3 saddened 2011-09-20 20:59
I was a close family friend and love trinity and her boys dearly. Such a difficult thing...however I am confused how one could plead not guilty after already straight up telling detectives and wife what he had done. No longer live in the area so I have not seen much on this except what is seen online and could not read the full article. Will Georgia still seek the death penalty because wouldn't they ultimately find him as guilty due to his previous confessions. Again my heart aches for his family.

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