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Letters to the Editor

This Week's Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:

Democrats and Republicans, drop your vodka and save American children.

Democrats and Republicans, if you dislike and fear Russia so much, then stop drinking Russian vodka and stop killing the children with it. Russia is only as big as your fear of her. Vodka is only important to you because you are too much of a midget to not be a slave to it.

Which is more dangerous--the Russians meddling in elections or you slaves to Russian vodka and killing thousands of Americans with it?

Stop trading manhood for addiction and dark ignorance.

Billy Joe Parker

Georgia Prohibition


Dear Editor:

Secrecy and Deceit

   It has ripped families apart. It is what has now become expected of our politicians and politics. It is ungodly and unacceptable and exactly what the Pickens Seniors for Change group is doing.

    No discussion, input or any cooperation at all and no compromise of any kind are the facts of the matter. They are not meeting with or discussing this matter with anyone and are doing exactly as they wish and want to.

   Secrecy and deceit and lies has no place in a democracy and it is destructive and dangerous to the democratic process and is unacceptable.

   This group is doing exactly as I feared and believed. It is precisely why I voted against this on Option 2 and why I voted Option 1. I was not confused nor misinformed about the wording of the options as they say we were. In fact, I was absolutely right and dead on point.

    They are doing exactly as I thought they would if they had they won the ballot option question. If they had won the vote they would not be calling this a "straw poll" they would be saying it was the will of the people and the voters. They need to listen and respect that will and the voters now.

    This is why I, and many others, voted against Option 2 and voted it down. The voters of this county did not give permission for nor any authority for this committee or commission to have any power or authority to have any say in this matter. They are defying the citizens and voters of this county. Any politician who helps in this is in direct opposition to the will and vote of the majority of both parties.

    They do this at their own political peril and they shall never get my vote again on anything. The majority of voters have spoken and they should speak loud and clear when these politicians run for office again. Get them out of office if they are not going to listen to you.

   Exactly, as I believed and feared and as stated in the Pickens Progress on Aug. 2, 2018 article, "Senior tax group promises "September surprise." This is "not a surprise at all." They even refused to say who was helping them.

   Pickens Political Party is now on facebook. Join us.

   If you need my email, it is: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Greg Trammell


Dear Editor:

We’ve traveled through 50 states and a few Canadian provinces and when a town has a vibe it usually is based around a draw [In response to editorial Talking and Thinking about Jasper, last week]. Dahlonega has the gold & mining museum surrounded by interesting tourist and collectible shops, etc. We have the Appalachian Trail marker so why not a museum that tells the story of the trail and the local mountains where it started. In Vermont we were drawn into a town from ads about a marble museum.  They told the story of marble mining and had displays & souvenirs of interesting marble pieces. Along with these museums you need interesting mountain theme restaurants and bars that are open during the day & night.

Dan Ciomek


Dear Editor:

I am writing this to respond to last week’s letter from Greg Trammell “Is the party over”.

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