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Letters to the Editor

This Week's Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:

Regarding Edward Hamrick’s letter to the editor of 10/11/2018 in which he implies the only way to “fix” America is to “put Jesus back in all the places we asked him to leave.”

    I would remind the writer that the US Constitution is a completely secular document and it contains no mention whatsoever of Christianity or of Jesus Christ, so he was really never in “all those places” to begin with. The men who crafted this document, some of whom were Christians themselves, were keenly aware of the sectarian strife in Europe that drove many settlers to America to begin with and they saw quite clearly that there could be no true freedom of religion here if the state endorsed one religion over another.

     For this reason our laws are secular as well and courts decide guilt or innocence based on facts and evidence as opposed to myth, superstition, or the religious beliefs of the parties involved. So deep was the distrust of Catholicism for instance, especially in the south, that John Kennedy had to give a speech in 1960 professing his loyalty for his country over his loyalty to the Pope. 

    Wikipedia says there are roughly 4200 religions practiced on earth and taking Hindu beliefs into account there may be as many as 33,000,000 deities. In those countries that practice religious freedom, like America, many people settle on one or more of these religions and worship accordingly. 

    Or not. The third largest group behind Christians (2.1 Billion) and Muslims (1.6 Billion) is Secular or nonreligious (1.1 Billion). Roughly one in four people in the US fall into this latter category now and that number is growing each year. Many of them believe that man is capable of determining his own morality and of shaping his own destiny without divine intervention.

    It is not my intent to belittle the writer here or anyone else for that matter for their personal beliefs. On the contrary, I celebrate their right to exercise the religious freedom the constitution guarantees. It is however my fear that I will one day be bound by laws that are based on or unduly influenced by beliefs that I may not happen to share.       

Gary Corn


Dear Editor:

Three of democratic Shiver’s goals listed in the Progress I question. Like most democratic goals, they are based on emotion and how they make them feel. In their minds if a law restricts gun purchases, then mission accomplished and problem solved, regardless of the likelihood of success or how it impacts others’ lives. Here are three of Mr. Shiver’s goals regarding guns and my thoughts:



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