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Letters to the Editor

This Week's Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:      

War Words 

Have you noticed the use of “War Words”  used in the national media.  Slash, rip, call out, lash, fight, blasts.   We have yet to move to shoot, frag, or blow up, although some are using nuke as a verb. A historian did a study of Lenin’s use of words and his writings and speeches, like Hitler’s,  were full of words of violence. The national media is full of words of violence.

Some say we are already in a cold civil war that is probably going to turn hot if we remain on the same trajectory. That is not something to take lightly even back up here in the peaceful foothills of the Blue Ridge.

Representative democracy as a system of government is a relatively new proposition and the world is already filled with the remains of failed democracies which did not forcefully respond when confronted by those who had a focused will to power and were willing to use the force of the state to have their way through intimidation.

If we are in the later stages of a national conflict about basic values of what is right and what is wrong, what are the rules that we should now use to confront those who are so fundamentally different on these major issues of what America is to become?

Today we are as divided as we were in 1860. This clash between those of us who believe in border control and those who believe in open borders is only one clash on which the country is divided. On this issue and many others (abortion, carbon,  globalization, defense treaties, taxation, spying, religious freedom, gun control, racial division, sexual practices, the challenge of Islam) we are divided and unable to reach any compromise. One side or the other will prevail. 

We can see the secret mechanisms of government being used to support one side of these arguments. The national press and our universities have already declared their allegiance to some new dramatically different coming order.  

In the face of raw power, are principled positions of any use? Are civilized rules in debate about at an end? Is all that remains simple brute force? If so, which side will you choose?

Gary Pichon


Dear Editor:

Older Folks

Have you ever stopped to think about how much the older generations really knows or think about all that they have forgotten during their lifetimes?

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