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Letters to the Editor

This Week's Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:

When one reaches a ripe old age, in my case 87 years young, one has a chance to reflect back on yesteryear. I have noticed that I have been doing a lot of that lately, reflecting. Why just today I got to thinking about some people who have gone on to their rewards, if they have one coming! Several dear friends came to my mind, George McLaughlin, Byrnes Goldey, Max Wood, Donald Hendrix, Bruce Huntington, Bob Cagle, Dub Lawson, Willis Evans, to name a few. 

There was one person in particular who I recall. This person was a retired U.S. Navy veteran that I came to know very well. “Too well, maybe” some folks accused us of being brothers and we both denied that fact emphatically. I will admit we were brothers in Christ and brothers in arms. We were both members of Pickens Chapter #47 Disabled American Veterans where my friend was chaplain. I had the pleasure serving with him for a long time at funerals for fellow veterans and at other functions.

You readers probably know by now that I am referring to Rev. Von J. Hinton, farmer, Optimist, father, etc. (His own children don’t know all the things that he was involved with and neither do I). Von was a very busy man. There were times when his own spouse did not know where he was or what he was doing at the time. I have called his home several times asking for him and Miss Ruth, his wife, would say, “I have no earthly idea where he is.”

Memorial Day is just ahead of us and that is the day that we honor our deceased veterans from all wars. One does not need to be killed in action to be honored. The new Pickens Veterans Memorial is further proof of this. One of the themes from Wreaths Across America this year is “It’s now what we do but why we do it.”

Brother Von left us on May 13, 2013, with Orders to “Carry On.” We will try our best to follow those orders by honoring those who are now here. The DAV Honor Guard could use a few volunteers to help with funerals and other duties. Contact any member for details on how to help. 

          Gene E. Teague


Dear Editor:

I just finished hometown author Larry Cavender’s new book, “The World Turned Upside Down.” It is a must read! I wish I had bought a signed copy at the Progress but I bought it on Amazon (you have to click “more” to see it since there are more books of the same title.) Larry “nails it” when he examines today’s America. Good job Larry. We “deplorables” needed a “shot in the arm” so to speak when we watch our nation self-destruct. It is a page-turner. I had to finish it since I couldn’t put it down once I began to read it. Hope it goes national soon.

Dave Ray


Dear Editor:

Trump wonderful! Trump, man of God! Trump, instrument of God! So say Juanita Wilkie (3-29 letter) and Billy Jo Parker (4-12 letter).  

How fab! I feel comforted. Like that time recently when Trump took it to Justin Trudeau, prime minister of Canada. Had a meeting, lied his behind off to ol’ Justin, told him we have a trade deficit with Canada, which we don’t. Heh heh, and get this, He didn’t even care that he was lying. “I didn’t even know. ... I had no idea,” He said. Holy buttkickin’!...

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