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Clicks for Cody: Your vote could give PHS student trip to handicap accessible theme park



In December, Progress readers opened their hearts and pens and sent thousands of Christmas cards to Cody Jones, a local PHS student who in his 20 years has faced more medical problems and surgeries than most can imagine. Cody was thrilled with the response and looked forward everyday to getting his mail.


Now, he and his family are asking for a moment of your time for something much simpler – a click for Cody – that could get the Jasper resident a trip to a fully handicapped accessible fun park in Texas. Winners will be announced on May 1st.


 At right, Jasper’s Cody Jones is in the running for a trip to a special theme park for handicapped youth.

Click here for Cody


Athletics Hall of Fame created at Pickens High


By Kyle D. Rasco

PHS Athletic Director

I am excited to announce that PHS is starting an organization that is long overdue in Pickens County: the Pickens High School Athletics Hall of Fame. The PHS Athletics Hall of Fame has been organized as a way of maintaining the rich heritage and tradition of successful athletic programs at Pickens High School. In addition, it will serve as a means of recognizing and honoring the athletes, coaches and individuals who made significant contributions to the athletic programs at Pickens High.

The PHS Athletics Hall of Fame is meant to acknowledge the contributions and accomplishments of individuals who are worthy of recognition and who have stood as examples for others to emulate. Click here for a nomination form

WYYZ brings Texaco Country Showdown to Jasper

Country musicians, sign up now for your chance to get on the road to stardom


     Think about it like Star Search, only for country music.

     Similar to Ed McMahon’s classic TV talent show, The Texaco Country Showdown has helped launch the careers of household names like Martina McBride, Tim McGraw, Billy Ray Cyrus and Brad Paisley.

Store manager at Pig needs seizure alert dog for son


Hunter Calvert, with working dog, Bow, at Canine Partners for Life in Pennsylvania, to see about getting a seizure alert dog for the 11-year-old. Hunter suffers from seizures and needs such a dog to warn him when a seizure is about to happen.

     If you shop at Jasper's Piggly Wiggly, you probably know store manager, Wade Calvert. Two events scheduled soon for Calhoun, where Calvert lives, are set to benefit Calvert's son Hunter, who suffers from a brain condition.

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month


Pinwheels for Prevention marks 374 reports in 2011

     A single pinwheel can spin many times in seven minutes. Seven minutes is the length of time that passes before another child in Georgia is abused or neglected.

     Please observe the Pinwheels on the Annex West  lawn to represent the 374 reports of child abuse or neglect made last year to the Pickens Department of Family and Children’s Services. The goal of Pinwheels for Prevention is to show the community the alarming number of children who are harmed daily in their own backyard. Pickens Family Partners encourages all citizens concerned about the well-being of our children to support Pinwheels for Prevention by purchasing pinwheels at various locations on April 28.

     We hope this visual reminder of the incidents of child abuse and neglect will show everyone how important it is to make preventing child abuse before it starts a priority for everyone in Pickens County. These pinwheels will remind us that healthy children and healthy families are a shared responsibility. It takes all of us working together to stop child abuse before it starts.

     The pinwheel has become a symbol of Prevent Child Abuse nationwide not only in April but all year long. To volunteer or for information please call 706-253-6488 or visit

At left, Prevent Child Abuse members with some of the pinwheels.