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Nelson walking trail going in the right direction

Peaceful path and marked plants promote recreation and education



    Though it hasn’t been publicized much, Nelson has developed a top notch walking trail with picnic areas ready for use and expansion plans for the future.


By Ralph O. Dennis
Contributing writer

    One of Nelson’s not so advertised park projects is the walking trail. Located south of the kiddy park and the baseball field, the trail is approximately a quarter of a mile long. The project has been going on for some time and will really never be completed (maintenance is forever).

Drought may affect outdoor burning season


This precipitation map illustrates how dry conditions have been in north Georgia.

     The summer ban on outdoor burning will end Friday, September 30 in 54 Georgia
counties, primarily in the northern half of the state. The Georgia Environmental Protection
    Division sets the restrictions annually, from May 1 to the end of September, to reduce emissions from ground level ozone that may jeopardize air quality.

Georgians stand with native water protectors


 Alaskan Natives Canoe into Protectors Camp. Pickens resident Ben Jones of Whitestone Farm travelled to Standing Rock to protest construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. He has started a GoFundMe page, Portable Camp for Earth Protectors, to support the cause.


By Glen Law and Ben Jones

    A new war has emerged in the past years, one that so far has had corporate and governmental interest on one side and the Earth with all her living relatives on the other side. Pollution from oil spills, nuclear power plant meltdowns, and fracking have ruined the quality of lives for people around the globe and have permanently destroyed thriving ecosystems.

Marble Festival (Oct.1,2)

   marble-festival-insert-coverClick here to access the special Georgia Marble Festival publication, which includes everything you need to know about the weekend-long event.

     During the first full weekend in October, Jasper, Georgia and the entire Marble Valley of Pickens County host the annual Georgia Marble Festival.  Thousands of people throughout the U.S. come to experience the rich heritage of the area and learn about the marble industry.  There are many activities going on during this two day celebration including a road race, parade, motorcycle ride & expo, fine arts exhibit, arts & crafts booths, food,

Big Canoe artist’s unusual career turns

Not just a painter of bears

feight-painting    “The Picnic of the Pavilion Party”  -  Inspired by  Renoir's painting in 1882 “Luncheon of the Boating Party.” Feight said it represents “as the river flows continuously, our moment for love and a sense of grace is now.” Click here for a short film that brings this painting to life.
    Feight is a director of the Eagle’s Nest park on Mt. Oglethorpe where this painting was done. Look for this story online to see a link to an accompanying video.

    John Feight, the Big Canoe artist, may be most recognized locally for his “Blackie” series which can be found in regular rotation at the Black Bear Pub inside the gated community.
    What viewers may not realize about the artist behind humorous paintings of a black bear in various historical scenes (an ursine Forrest Gump), is Feight has an impressive body of non-bear art, including a show in Paris, a