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Juntiques wins auto raffle


Staff reports

    Junktiques, an antique store on Highway 515, held the winning ticket on the Pickens County Chamber of Commerce auto raffle Saturday.
    Store owners, Marilyn Pitts and J.R. McCarthy opted for the $20,000 cash option, presented Monday at their store. Presenting them the check are Lexi Hardman and Regina Camp from the chamber of commerce (pictured above).

Dragons open at home this Friday against White



Message to the Dragon Nation from new Athletic Director

By Chris Parker
District Athletic Director
    As I start the new role of District Athletic Director, I want to highlight the goals for our program and share my excitement for the 2015-16 year.
    Pickens County athletics provide a supportive atmosphere where coaches challenge the intellectual and physical abilities of athletes and foster strength of character. The goals of the Pickens County athletic program are:

County hydroseeds following underground utility work



     An early morning shot of Pickens County crews hydroseeding a patch of land on Highway 53 West on Tuesday, August 25. The hydroseeding concoction is a mixture of water, seed, fertelizer and ground up newspaper (which helps it stick to the ground). Crews were seeding the day after a hole was bored in the ground to access utility lines.




Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation Seeks Nominations for its 2016 Preservation Awards

     ATLANTA, Aug. 25 - The Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation is seeking nominations for its 2016 Preservation Awards, an annual list of preservation projects and individuals in the state who have made significant contributions to the field of historic preservation. The submissions deadline is Monday, Nov. 16, 2015; winners will be announced in April 2016.

Sports Columnist on participation trophies


By Tommy Gartrell

Progress Sports Columnist
   Recently, Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison made headlines by returning his two sons' athletic participation trophies which moved a much debated topic into the forefront.
   Do you believe that children should or should not get trophies simply for participating in a sport? As shocking as it may be to my readers, I struggle with this choice and actually straddle the fence on this topic.