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Hill City and Harmony advance to regional reading bowl


    Harmony team: Amberley Clark, Haley Voyles, Mykel Hand, Joseph Adams, Abigail Ottosen, Caroline Jordan, Tammy Boggus-coach, Ishan Iqbal, Susan Anderson - coach, Conner Williams.

     Area elementary students participated in the county Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl competition hosted by Harmony Elementary School Jan. 27. Hill City and Harmony Elementary School advanced to regional competition.

No decision on snow-day makeups for schools



By Eileen Steinhauer
Progress Contributor
    Unlike some parts of Georgia, Pickens chose to cancel school last Tuesday; and, with that decision, local families avoided the chaos that quickly freezing roads and snow brought to many students in the metro area. 

Governor not meeting with Moral Mondays coalition

Medicaid expansion aim of growing group at capitolgaseal


By Pam O’Dell

Capitol Reporter


For the last two consecutive Monday afternoons, hundreds of Georgians have stood on the capitol steps to advocate for the expansion of the federal Medicaid program in Georgia. This would not be especially noteworthy except that many came noticeably donned in clergy attire and the event was covered by national media.

Reminiscent of the first Moral Mondays movement in North Carolina, the group claims they will address the moral issues involved in state policies.