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State bill aims to prevent drug overdose deaths by offering medical amnesty to 911 callers


By Pam O’Dell
Capitol Reporter

    With only three legislative days left until ‘Crossover Day’ (the last day for a bill to pass either the state house or senate, or cease to be considered), Justin Leef, a recent UGA graduate and first year law student, just heard some good news: HB965 had passed the rules committee and would be heard on the House floor the following day.

Art district in Jasper’s future?

Some say it could strengthen Pickens’ creative scene


    Sharptop Arts Association treasurer Dick Carlton (r) speaking at the non-profit’s February meeting held at the Sharptop gallery on D.B. Carroll Street in downtown Jasper.

    At this point the idea is barely in its infancy with no formal plans for execution, but at the Sharptop Art Association’s February member meeting both Sharptop leaders and members tossed around the notion of developing an art district in the downtown Jasper area to bolster the art community here.

Local races on May ballot - Qualifying begins March 3

Pickens County Seal    Three local races will appear on the May 20 ballot, including the latest one-cent sales tax plan, three school board seats, and one district commissioner seat.
    The  (west) district commissioner’s seat held by Jerry Barnes is up for grabs.   

Jasper Rotary Club beating PANs to end polio




     The Rotary Club with participants at the Chamber of Commerce's Business After Hours beats pans in celebration of endemic polio now only being in (P) Pakistan,  (A) Afghanistan and  (N) Nigeria.


By Max Caylor, Rotary member


     “We are beating pans this afternoon in recognition that only Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria (PAN) remains endemic with polio reporting only 157 cases,” stated Jasper Rotary president Jack Short.   Since 1988 Rotarians have contributed $1.2 billion and has helped secure $9 billion given to the end polio initiative through donor governments.