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Get a free car wash from Cub Scouts


     FREE CAR WASH!  Cub Scouts Pack 288 Car Wash on Saturday, July 19th from 9:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. at the Jasper McDonald's. Donations gladly accepted. All proceeds directly fund Pack 288's upcoming programs. Cub Scout Pack 288 is comprised of boys from Pickens County, and they are planning a camping trip to the Woodruff Scout Reservation this fall. Support for these boys today is an investment in our county's future, so please come out, get your car washed, and give a little money to the cause.
     Cub Scout Pack 288 does not turn away any boy due to financial constraints, and fundraisers such as this one help to provide opportunities for all boys to participate in upcoming programs.

     For more information or to join, please contact the Cubmaster Stuart Hobgood at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Ga. Supreme Court upholds life sentence for mentally-ill man who stabbed elderly father with kitchen utensils


Among other cases, child molestation conviction thrown out after

Defense mishandled case


Please note: Opinion summaries are prepared by the Public Information Office for the general public and news media. Summaries are not prepared for every opinion released by the Court, but only for those cases considered of great public interest. Opinion summaries are not to be considered as official opinions of the Court. The full opinions are available on the Supreme Court website at .



            The Supreme Court of Georgia has unanimously upheld the life prison sentence given to a Chatham County man found guilty but mentally ill of stabbing to death his 83-year-old father.

            On March 5, 2007, 57-year-old Fredrick Choisnet, Jr. stabbed his elderly father multiple times, using steak knives, carving forks and broken coffee mugs. Police found Fredrick Choisnet, Sr. in a fetal position in the blood-spattered kitchen of his home on Leeds Gate Road. The elder Choisnet told police, “the boy tried to kill me.” He later died at Memorial University Medical Center from more than 200 sharp and blunt force injuries that caused him to bleed to death. He had also been strangled.

Back to school poster contest


Pickens County Schools will be having a “Welcome Back to School 2014-15” poster contest for grades 1-5. The posters are due to the Pickens County Board of Education (D.B.Carroll Street) office no later than 3 p.m. on July 16.  There will be a winner from each grade level. The winners will receive a prize and their posters will be published in the Back to School Newspaper Insert. 

The posters should be no smaller than 11x17, no larger than a regular size poster board and should be the student’s work. On the back of the poster, 

Ga. summer 2014 shaping up to be normal - hot

summer hotdry

 NOAA Submitted Graphic -- While the northwest corner of Georgia saw rainfall that was sometimes four or five inches above normal for June, some areas of the southwest saw rainfall four or five inches below normal.

By Pam Knox

University of Georgia

       While 2013 gave Georgians a break from the state’s usual sweltering summer temperatures, summer 2014 is shaping up to be more of a standard-issue Georgia scorcher.

Get the lowdown on Poison Ivy

Watch out for urushiol, y’all



Back in the 1970s Pickens resident Andy Thompson’s summer took a turn for the worse when he failed to identify a swath of poison ivy.

“I was a camp counselor and we were playing these games where we’d hide and I laid in a patch of the stuff for probably 20 or 30 minutes,” he said. “Then a day or so later we were burning off some materials and apparently there was some poison ivy in there and smoke got in my eyes and they ended up being nearly swollen shut. I had to get a series of shots to get it to go away. That was the worst case I’ve ever had.” 

A nasty case of poison ivy can put a serious damper on your summer – and with WebMD reporting that 85 percent of Americans will develop an allergic reaction if they come in contact with poison ivy you’ll want to know how to identify it and stay the *bleep* away - or if you find yourself intentionally wallowing around in a patch, you’ll want to know how to get rid of the rash quickly.