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State revenues jump 9 percent in March


From Office of Governor Nathan Deal

Gov. Nathan Deal announced today that Georgia’s net tax revenues for March totaled $1.43 billion, an increase of $118.5 million, or 9 percent, compared to March 2014. Year-to-date, net tax revenue collections totaled $13.85 billion for an increase of $794.8 million, or 6.1 percent, compared to the previous fiscal year, when net tax revenues totaled $13.05 billion through nine months. Year-to-date gross tax collections, before refunds and distributions to local governments, totaled $19.2 billion, which was an increase of $1.08 billion, or 6 percent, compared to the year-to-date total of $18.12 billion in March 2014.



Is this the year to start a vegetable garden?


Learn more about starting a vegetable garden in the special section in this Wednesday's Progress.


By Eric Hill,

Autumn Hill Nursery

The controversy over genetically modified foods as well as the use of pesticides and other chemicals on commercially grown food is in high gear.  

Are GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms) a good thing? Are the chemicals used really safe? Where did the food come from, and are the regulations in that country as strict as ours?  

With all the information available from so many different sources it’s hard to know who to believe. Our government is watching out for our health, but they don’t always get it right, and it often takes years, even decades to realize.  

Water park resort deal still afloat



     A water park project proposed in Peachtree City, Ga. has no direct bearing on the Port Royal water park long in the works for Pickens County, according to local officials.

     Water park plans presented earlier this year by Great Wolf Lodge call for the conversion of a 38-acre tract with existing buildings into a water park and connected hotel in Fayette County.

Board ponders middle school’s fate


      The future of Jasper Middle School, formerly Pickens High, is up in the air after the school board recently voted to “phase out” the campus.    

     A unanimous vote by the school board at a called meeting Thursday could mark the beginning of the end for the Jasper Middle School building, which school officials say is overcrowded and in such poor condition renovations aren’t worthwhile.  

Racoon tests positive for rabies


Protecting dogs and cats protects your family, says rabies officer


 Bandit, the one-year-old Golden Retriever pictured at right with owner Chandler Harrington, was attacked by a rabid racoon near their home on Fitts Road. Fortunately, Bandit was up to date on his rabies vaccine and posed no threat to the Harrington family or other animals. Pickens’ rabies control officer says it’s crucial to have your pets vaccinated. 

       The first case of rabies for the year has been reported after a raccoon tested positive last week.

Pickens’ rabies control officer Jan Stephens says the incident should act as a warning for pet owners to keep their animals’ vaccinations current.