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19-month-old airlifted after fall from window



 A 19-month-old toddler was airlifted to Egleston Children’s Hospital Tuesday mid-day after the child fell from the second story window of a home in the Riverstone subdivision in south Pickens.

   Sheriff’s spokesman Kris Stancil said the child was apparently pushing on a screen in an upstairs window when it came loose and both the screen and child went out.

   Medics and sheriff deputies responded. No names were released as no charges are expected.

   Stancil said the child was conscious and alert and crying when he was airlifted, “which is a good sign in this case.”


Dog reunited with family after missing for one year


    Katie Gibson has Gus back home after he went missing for almost a year.

By Suzy Price
Intern reporter
     In March of 2015, a dog was dropped off at Pickens Animal Rescue (PAR). The dog was extremely malnourished, had a broken hip from being hit by a car, and was completely unrecognizable from when he had gone missing a month earlier.

Shooting the Breeze with Carrie Murphy

Murphy talks training, shooting bows and self-esteem
Murphy is a Pickens native, graduating from PHS in 2010. An athlete, she now has her own training facility catering specifically to women. She is married to her high school sweetheart - they met running track at PHS and married six years later. Carrie Murphy is a trainer specializing in women’s fitness. Her gym is located at 49 Bryant St. in Bryant Square. An athlete herself, Murphy believes in helping women achieve their fitness goals.

George McLaughlin, A Life of Notable Visions, exhibit honors local artis


    An earlier photo of George McLaughlin and his late wife Rae.

     An exhibit honoring the artist vision of George McLaughlin is going on at Pruitt Healthcare and the public is invited to a special reception in his honor on Thursday, March 17th.
    The public is invited to see the legacy that McLaughlin has created through his talents in art and design at Pruitt Healthcare, 1350 E. Church Street.

Mother of child with Stage IV cancer begs for prayers from community

Fundraiser, GoFundMe page set up to help with medical expenses

Eligh Ingram has a rare and aggressive cancer, RMS. Donate to help with his medical expenses at his GoFundMe page "Prayers for Eligh Ingram."    


          Last Sunday, February 28th was Eligh Ingram’s fourth birthday, but this year there was no amount of cake or ice cream that could make everything okay.
    That’s because one month-to-the-day before his birthday, Eligh was diagnosed with Stage IV Rhabdomyosarcoma, or RMS, a rare and very aggressive form of cancer. Doctors give him a one-in-three chance