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Changes this year to Kindergarten registration


Submitted by
Pickens School System

    Incoming kindergarten students for school year 2014-2015 will notice a change in the registration process. The Georgia Department of Public Health now requires all children who are being admitted to a Georgia public school for the first time to complete form 3300 by the required personnel. Your child’s doctor is authorized to conduct all four (4) screenings, as is your local health department. In addition:
    • The vision screening can be conducted by a Georgia licensed optometrist, an employee of Prevent Blindness Georgia trained to conduct vision screening or a registered nurse.
    • The hearing screening can be conducted by a Georgia licensed speech-language pathologist or audiologist or a registered nurse.
    • The dental screening can be conducted by a Georgia licensed dentist, dental hygienist or a registered nurse.
    • The nutrition screening can be conducted by a Georgia licensed dietician or a registered nurse.
    It is not necessary that the same person conduct all four screenings. As stated previously, please remember your child’s doctor and your local health department are authorized to conduct all four (4) screenings; however, school nurses will no longer be able to conduct the screenings during kindergarten registration. Form 3300 will be included in your child’s kindergarten registration packet. You can also go to https://dph.geor and use their search engine for form 3300. 

Heroin cuts short promising life

Text to her mother 10 days before fatal party: “I hate being an addict because my life is on the line... I want my life more than drugs so I'm going to change.”
drugoverdose     Tanya Smith with her daughter Taylor at graduation in 2011. The free-spirited Taylor decided to wait on entering college and fell in with the wrong crowd.


    Last week, the mother of the 20-year-old whose body was dumped in the yard of a vacant house last August after she died of an overdose at a party portrayed a descent into drugs that was unbelievably sad and shockingly quick.

Hill City teacher battles cancer with a smile


    Ashley Cagle is recovering well after her mastectomy.

    You wouldn’t expect a woman who just had one of her breasts surgically removed to be all smiles and laughs.
    But that’s exactly how Hill City Elementary first grade teacher Ashley Cagle was this past Monday, just a few weeks after undergoing a mastectomy to remove an invasive lobular carcinoma.

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Celebrate a century of sunlight


By Christian Trejbal


Open Government Chair, Assoc. of Opinion Journalists


It was, perhaps, no coincidence that a century of “sunlight” was born during the winter holidays, when celebrants burn Yule logs, place stars atop trees and light candles to hold back the darkness during these longest nights.

On Dec. 20, 1913, Harper’s Weekly published “What Publicity Can Do” by Louis Brandeis. In it, he painted an image of transparency that still captures the imagination. “Publicity is justly commended as a remedy for social and industrial diseases. Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants; electric light the most efficient policeman,” he wrote.


A look at Keesee Box Company

Native American woman owned Jasper company sets $1.2 million sales goal

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    Last year the Keesee Box Company – located in a warehouse off of Confederate Avenue in Jasper - produced nearly $1 million worth of boxes, with a goal to bump that figure up to $1.2 million for 2014.
    But rewind back to 2001 and you’d find owner Loye Keesee and her friend Bob Nosworthy with box cutters and rulers in hand, running the fledgling operation out of the kitchen in his Alpharetta apartment.