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GBI Agent to speak to Friends of the Library



    Crime shows like CSI depict ways modern technology and forensic evidence aids investigators in solving crimes.
    Next Thursday, April 17th, GBI Special Agent Dustin Hamby will speak at the Pickens County Library, discussing several of his past cases and how his agency has been successful in solving crimes in Georgia.

Polar Plunge Teachers dive into frigid waters for charity

Friday’s PHS Baseball Pink Out for charity will raise more funds


polarplunge    Taking up the challenge - PHS teachers Rodney Martin, Melissa Weeks, Jody Williams, and Kevin Jacobs jump into Long Swamp Creek as part of a charity challenge.

     What could make a handful of brave teachers and students jump into a frigid Georgia creek on a 42 degree day? Only a great charity.
    When PHS English teacher Debbie Roper was challenged last week by her daughter, Jessica Bryan, to take a polar plunge into Long Swamp Creek for charity, it was an easy decision.

Catch the buzz at head-shaving event

Brian Rittenberry to perform at childhood cancer fundraiser


    Jasper firefighters (l-r) Zeb McAllister, Ryan Payne, and Chief Steve Roper. Not pictured are firefighters Trevor Beavers and Zack McAllister. All five will shave their heads for childhood cancer.


   Jasper Fire Chief Steve Roper admits the five firemen who agreed to shave their heads to raise money for childhood cancer aren’t going look much different after the job is done.

Facebook pages stir memories

Nelson & Jasper history pages attract following

    A photo of Georgia Marble workers on strike from a Nelson community Facebook page.

     Back in the 1960s the Georgia Marble worker’s strike in Nelson, Ga. was a memorable time for people living there.
    Kay Bruce, a native Pickens resident raised in Nelson, was just a young girl then. But now, thanks to a Facebook group dedicated to Nelson, Ga. those memories have been brought back to life for Bruce and its 316 other members who can view pictures from the Georgia Marble strike, as well as thousands of other photos from the south Pickens/north Cherokee stomping ground.
    The Nelson Facebook group is open to anyone interested in joining, and comes with the following request in the page description: “Everyone currently living in Nelson post some recent or not so recent pictures or stories. Help us older former residents catch up on what is new. Especially anything about long time residents.”
    At press time there were 189 picture folders on the “If you’re from Nelson, Ga. (PICKENS-CHEROKEE COUNTIES) What do You Remember?” page. Photo files include “City officials,” “Nelson schools,” Houses and Places,” “Around Nelson,” and dozens of other topics.
    Members interviewed say they have spent hours thumbing through the photographs, and that they get excited with they see references to their family, or familiar buildings or landmarks that no longer exist.
    Bruce said her sister, who now lives in Warner Robbins, Ga., has even connected with old friends from her hometown.
    But Nelson is not the only city in the area with community Facebook pages.   The “You know you’re from Jasper, Ga if…” and “You know you’re from Nelson when…,” have attracted over 1,000 followers each.  People make postings requesting information about their family, old hang out spots or other landmarks - or just log on to chat about the old days.       
    If you’re interested in taking a peek into local Nelson history, just visit and type in “IF YOU FROM NELSON, GA (PICKENS-CHEROKEE COUNTY) WHAT DO YOU REMEMBER” into the search bar.

Watchdog done with spending criticism


     One of the county’s largest businessmen, who has moved into the role of a government watchdog, said he is going to “lay to rest” his criticism of county finances after 18 months of questioning unearthed much worse conditions than the the commissioner’s office would originally acknowledge.