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For most people: wildfire smoke symptoms more annoying than dangerous

lg fire nifc 2016-11-11


A USDA Map shows active forest fire throughout the Southeast as of November 11.

        Wildfires that have burned thousands of acres in north Georgia’s Cohutta Wilderness Area are sending blankets of smoke to surrounding counties. According to medical professionals, everyone should be on guard but sensitive groups should take most precaution.

         If you have an underlying lung disease Dr. Tamim Al-Kharrat of North Georgia Pulmonary Medicine in Jasper advises his patients to take similar precautions as they would with heavy smog – more common in urban areas.

Winter Coat Drive 2016

The Progress staff is proud to team up again with Holy Spirit Ranch here in Jasper, Ga. We gather the coats, they hand them out -- it's a great system. What we need from the community are good, heavy winter coats suitable for people who may be homeless or live in homes with no heat/inadequate heat.

See ad below for details.


Jasper to vet potential water supply

Noise at Rocco’s, New Year’s party also discussed at council meeting


Responding to extreme drought conditions that threaten water supplies across north Georgia, Jasper City Council approved $30,000 for a pump test on a well that could provide a new resource in the future. 
    Jasper Mayor John Weaver said the well, which is located on private property, could be a “potential high water producer.”   

Pickens goes for Trump

Proctor wins Jasper council;

 Nelson has razor thin result in council race




      Pickens County voters enthusiastically endorsed Donald Trump yesterday giving him 83 percent of the ballots cast. This was roughly the same percent that Republican Mitt Romney received four years ago.

     Voter turnout was 82 percent; 14,172 voters cast ballots out of 17,319 voters, according to the secretary of state’s website. Local figures showed a slightly different number of only 80.42 percent turnout. The difference was explained by the local election office in the way that write-in votes are handled.

See secretary of state's website for more election results.


Outdoor burning prohibited due to drought

drought-mapUpdate Wednesday, Nov. 9, the drought continues and fire crews are busy responding to calls from residents in the Worley Crossroads, Tatum Road and Salem Church areas who reported smoke. Crews says there is a good bit of smoke but are finding nothing burning. There is a clear smell of smoke in downtown Jasper as well. It is believed the smoke drifted from the Cohutta Wilderness area fire.  The above map shows the Fire Danger Rating as of November 26.

    A complete outdoor burning ban was announced Thursday to include all campfires and fireworks. It will remain in place until significant rains fall.
    The announcement, made by Pickens Fire Marshal Curtis Clark during a commissioners' work session, stated that no one should burn any yard waste or any debris outside until we have had soaking rains. The City of Jasper indicated they will enforce the same ban.