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Over 50 percent of Pickens students on free or reduced lunch


This chart shows the percentage of Pickens County students on free and reduced lunch by school and by year.

     For the 2016-2017 school year, reports show 52.49 percent of students in the Pickens County School District  qualified for free or reduced lunch.
    Of the 4,325 students enrolled in grades K-12 there are 2,311 eligible for the program. Of those who qualified, 1,894 receive free lunch and 366 receive a reduced price lunch.
    Last year the state average for students receiving free or reduced lunch was 62.29 percent.

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Troglin retires following 30 years of service in tax office


Troglin-Retirement Retiring Pickens County Tax Commissioner Sharon Troglin is pictured surrounded by staff members at her surprise retirement party last week.


    Sharon Troglin spent her last day as Pickens County Tax Commissioner Thursday after 30 years of service.
    Troglin said she was looking forward to “not setting a clock” in her retirement and would miss everyone she has worked with through the years.
    Troglin became tax commissioner January 1, 2001 and served for 16 years. She worked in the tax office since October, 1986.
    Troglin said she would  miss seeing the people who come into the tax office year after year.
    “You see old faces you’ve been familiar with through the years and I’ll miss seeing them as well as everyone I’ve worked with. I’ll miss just the routine of getting up and coming to work too I’m sure.”

Extremely high bail set for Miller

Attorney says, “functionally it’s no bond”


Mark Miller


     After a day in court, lasting more than ten hours, Jasper attorney Mark Miller, who is accused of numerous counts of financial fraud and theft was given a bond, but one so high his counsel said, “It is functionally no bond.”

Armed robber fires shot at Waffle House, near Hwy. 108

   A single masked man fired a handgun inside the Waffle House near Highway 108 in the early morning hours Saturday, fleeing with cash from the restaurant.

   Jasper Police Chief Greg Lovell said the individual fired one round into the kitchen equipment but did not hit anyone. Lovell said the robber said at one point, “I am as scared as you are” to those in the restaurant.

   He fired the round as he was leaving.

   Neither the man’s race nor age could be determined as he was masked and gloved. He was wearing an “Anonymous” mask popular in movies and with political protests.

   Lovell said employees reported that the man was well-spoken.

   Sgt. Matt Dawkins said they had very little to go on. The suspect left on foot and apparently had a vehicle parked somewhere close by but it has not been identified.

   Anyone with any information is asked to call Sgt. Matt Dawkins at 706-253-9110.


Refuge Road store burglarized

Public, business owners asked to be on lookout for suspicious activity over holidays

pharrs gas station   

   This convenience store on Refuge Road was burglarized by a gang of professional thieves, according to investigators with the Pickens County Sheriff's Office. 


    An experienced gang of burglars broke into a convenience store on Refuge Road in the early morning hours of December 21, marking what investigators believe is the third such burglary in Pickens County by the same group.

   Investigators with the Pickens County Sheriff's Office believe the burglary of the closed store, a Chevron with the generic name Food Mart, is the latest in at least 20 similar break-ins attributed to group an investigator referred to as the “All About the Money Gang.”