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Tax hike not sitting well


The Pickens County Board of Commissioners look over numbers at a recent hearing on the proposed tax increase.

     The public made it clear they do not approve of a proposed tax hike to give the county an additional 13 percent in operating funds during two meetings at the county administration building Thursday.
    The meeting was required for any government seeking a tax increase, with a final hearing this Thursday, Sept. 15, at 5 p.m. and the commissioners expected to pass the increased millage in a meeting directly afterwards at 5:30 p.m.
    This move would raise the county millage to 8.2, up from 7.22 last year.
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Old Jail ghosts appear happy with discovery

Future ghost tour planned during the Marble Festival

The Murray County Paranormal Investigations team at a ghost hunt in the Old Jail on Friday, Sept. 9.

    It was well past the witching hour, but the low-hanging half-moon, stained an appropriately spooky shade of amber, had brazenly positioned itself outside my windshield on the drive home --- celestial residue from the paranormal experience I’d just had with a group of ghost hunters.
    Earlier that night, one of the Edwards twins - both members of the Murray County Paranormal Investigations team that conducted a hunt at the Old Jail and the Quinton-Kirby Cabin in downtown Jasper – educated me. He said a “paranormal” experience doesn’t necessarily mean contact was made with the spirit world.

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More hot & dry weather expected into early fall


Image / NOAA
    Parts of north Georgia received between 10 and 15 inches of rain during August moving us to what experts are calling drought conditions.

By Pam Knox
University of Georgia

    Rainfall in August reduced the area of extreme drought in northern Georgia. However, abnormally dry conditions and drought expanded in central and south Georgia, especially in coastal areas.
    August’s heat and variable rainfall had a significant impact on agriculture. Army worms became rampant in many pastures. The moist conditions in wet areas led to fungal diseases, which affected peanuts and vegetable crops. Rain hampered the harvest of corn in some locations, while corn in other locations didn’t set kernels

Looking for the Most Beautiful Pet in Pickens County


     Registration is under way once again for Pickens Animal Rescue's Most Beautiful Pet contest. Here's your chance to show off that glorious fur-friend you brag about to your friends, family and co-workers. Yes, you know who you are!  Well now it's time to really show them off and let the citizens of Pickens County bask in their glory with you and cast their votes to determine who is truly the Most Beautiful Pet in our county. It’s okay if your pet isn’t furry.  Dog, cat, fish, fowl, terrarium or barn inhabitants -- all are welcome to join in!   It's all in good fun and

Up, up and away! Middle schoolers work with hot air balloons

balloon 1077

Christie Pool / Photo
Up, up and away - From left, Jack West, Preston Godfrey, Pickens Middle School  Teacher Tom Brooks and Isabella Crowe look on as their handmade  tissue paper hot air ballons take flight last week as part of an engineering and technology class.
    "The hot air balloon unit introduces students to lighter-than-air travel in a fun hands-on activity,” the teacher said. “Students learn the concept of buoyancy, while also using incorporating math concepts such as volume,