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Movie shoot to improve Jasper City ball fields


Also from council meeting, Sunday alcohol sales to be on ballot

Following a request by Kroger, Jasper city council members on Monday approved a measure to allow city voters to chose whether or not to have Sunday alcohol sales by the package in area stores. Voters have previously approved Sunday sales in restaurants within the city limits. Jasper Attorney Bill Pickett said the referendum would likely be on the ballot in the November general election.

Jasperse introduces legislation to repeal student weigh-ins


“It’s a basic gut thing:  Are we going to let schools be parents or are we going to let parents be parents?”           

- Rep. Rick Jasperse

State Rep. Rick Jasperse introduced legislation last week in the Georgia General Assembly to repeal the SHAPE Act which requires students in public schools to be weighed and their body fat calculated and reported to parents.

Schools are expected to begin weighing students this academic period. Jasperse, noted his house bill would not come to a vote this year and definitely not in time to stop anything during this academic year.

Pickens prefers Newt by a landslide

Santorum finished ahead of Romney in Hinton, Jerusalem and Appalachian precincts


REVISED -- Pickens voters followed statewide trends fairly closely in the presidential primary vote yesterday giving Newt Gringrich 55 percent of the 5,137 votes cast here.

Statewide unofficial results showed Gingrich with a slightly lower winning percentage at about 50 percent of the votes. Gingrich who represented Georgia in Congress for 20 years was considered the likely victor going into the race in this state, which awards all it delegates to the top finisher.

The unofficial results in Pickens County were:

Newt Gingrich 2,759 votes (55 percent); Mitt Romney 1,183 votes (23 percent) Rick Santorum 797 votes (16 percent) Ron Paul 280 votes (6 percent).

None of the other candidates received more than 10 votes here.

A history of Pickens twisters


The above map shows paths of all tornadoes reported here since 1950. This image originated from although the Progress has added the 2011 tornado path. 1.) 1975   2.) 1985   3.) 2011  

4.) 1994–F-3   5.) 1994–F-4   6.) 2002   7.) 1959   8.) 1974   9.) 2009. See tornado info chart on page 17A of the print edition.

My fear of tornadoes didn’t develop until about five years ago.

Before that, when I lived in Cherokee and Cobb counties, tornado watches and warnings came and went without me noticing, and I wish it could be that way again.

In the recent past, I have been caught in a few really bad storms, and I have become mom to two children, the combination of which, I assume, is to blame for this intrusive, irrational phobia of mine. Now, adding insult to injury, I live on the west end of Pickens, the place I’ve heard natives call tornado alley.

Last week, when the first storm that tore up the Midwest started marching our way, I could feel the anxiety settling in, and just as quickly I got angry with myself. While driving back to the office from lunch that Wednesday, I brainstormed ways to confront my fear. This story was spawned from those thoughts.

See this week's print or e-edition to find out more about the history of tornadoes in Pickens, which includes a chart with detailed information about each tornado here since 1950.

Demolition begins on courthouse


                                                                                                                                                  photo/Damon Howell

Crews began demolition on the Pickens County Courthouse Friday afternoon, tearing a large hole in the rear leg of the l-shaped structure. The entire rear portion will be demolished and a new and much larger addition will be constructed. The front portion of the building will be renovated. The project is expected to be completed in 18-24 months.