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Foggy Day on the mountains



This photo taken by Dan Chandler Huth shows what Sharp Mountain looks like with the fog. It was taken from across the valley in Bent Tree. Huth said, "I took the shot on Tuesday, the 15th around noon.  It was a day like today..probably foggy in the valley.  Sharp mountain often pokes through, but rarely is it as clearly defined."

Governor's office releases state of the state remarks

Deal: Focus on foundations that strengthen Georgia



Lt. Governor Cagle, Speaker Ralston, President Pro Tem Shafer, Speaker Pro Tem Jones, Members of the General Assembly, Members of the Judiciary, my fellow Georgians:


To the Members of the General Assembly, congratulations on your election. To the new members of the House and Senate, welcome! You are now part of one of the greatest and most successful experiments in the history of mankind, the process of self-governance, whereby free people entrust to us the responsibility of preserving their freedoms.


We do so if we confine our actions to those things which our constituents cannot do for themselves. Our constitution defines some of the things we shall do, as well as some of the things we shall not do. Between those goal posts of shall and shall not lies the field on which we play. It is not a Field of Dreams but a Field of Law. Like spectators in the stands of a great stadium, a cacophony of voices will tell you what play to run and agree or disagree with your performance. Just remember, we are all on the same team with you, and we share a common purpose of making Georgia the best place to work, play, get an education and raise a family.

Artists, sponsors wanted for Jasper ArtFest


Click on the ArtFest flyer above to be redirected to their website.     

     Despite being plagued by sketchy weather the first two years, Jasper ArtFest organizers are going full steam ahead planning the third annual art event, held the third weekend in April. 
    “We aren’t trying to make money on this,” said Ron Barnes, ArtFest head organizer. “This is something for the community, to support the arts community and bring people into town to enjoy what we have in Jasper.”

Follow this link to find artists applications and sponsorship forms.

Foodies will delight at Saturday JUMC Tasting


Stan and Paula Adams from last year's Taste of JUMC.

By Suellen G. Reitz
    Some of the best cooks in Pickens County are gathering again with their best dish to share this Saturday, Jan. 19,   in the fellowship hall from 11 a.m. -1 p.m. for the 5th Annual Taste of Jasper United Methodist Church. If you like food, and especially if you like to taste a bunch of varieties of food, you won’t want to miss it. 

See a coupon for this event on this week's Sports Page in our print and e-editions.



PHS forms partnership with school in Belarus


   Steven Wilkie/photo
    Members of the Dragons’ Lair high school newspaper staff interview the delegation from Belarus and PHS staff about the partnership which may one day be expanded to include teacher and student exchanges.

By Laiken Owens
PHS student reporter

    Pickens High School is beginning a new program with a school that is not so familiar to this county or country. PHS has recently announced a partnership with Byelorussian School #36, located in Gomel, Belarus. The two schools hope this relationship will allow students to learn about each other’s country, culture, and what the youth do around the world.
     Another goal of partnering is to “form a friendship between us, to learn from each other,” said Ms. Ivanovna, Principal of the Byelorussian School.