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Driving Miss Daisy opens Feb 8


Miss Daisy played by Ginger Rosen.

By Pat Jewell
Tater Patch Players

   What does it take to become Miss Daisy? Does a resemblance to Jessica Tandy help? In the case of Ginger Rosen, the resemblance was a foot in the door, but her incredible acting ability was the real reason for her success with the part.
    Rosen was born and raised in Chicago. She studied opera as a school girl. Later she married and moved to Gwinnett County where she raised four children.  Rosen went back to her music and decided to audition for a play. Her first part was Sister Robert Ann in Nunsense with the County Seat Players in Lawrenceville. Rosen hired an agent, took acting lessons and began singing again. Her credits include lead vocalist in Dangerous Liaisons and an extra part in Remember the Titans. 

Strange lights captured on smartphone video







There is clearly something on Kris Mountain’s cell phone video shot January 13 at around 8 p.m. in the Price Creek area.

It’s hard to describe, but whatever it is, it flitters and darts across the night sky and it changes color. One Progress employee described it as looking like a moth flying around a light at night – until it started changing color.

Foggy Day on the mountains



This photo taken by Dan Chandler Huth shows what Sharp Mountain looks like with the fog. It was taken from across the valley in Bent Tree. Huth said, "I took the shot on Tuesday, the 15th around noon.  It was a day like today..probably foggy in the valley.  Sharp mountain often pokes through, but rarely is it as clearly defined."

Track Pickens resident on Georgia to California run

Jack Fussell wants to raise $250,000 for Alzheimer’s Association

Talking Rock resident Jack Fussell with the stroller he is carrying in his across-the-country run.
  A few months ago the Progress interviewed Jack Fussell, a Talking Rock man who set a goal for himself to run across the country alone to raise money for Alzheimer’s.
    Fussell, who became known in the area for losing over 100 pounds running up and down the stairs at Amicalola Falls, set off on his 3,419 mile journey on January 12, and you can now track his progress by visiting either his Facebook page or his website.

Governor's office releases state of the state remarks

Deal: Focus on foundations that strengthen Georgia



Lt. Governor Cagle, Speaker Ralston, President Pro Tem Shafer, Speaker Pro Tem Jones, Members of the General Assembly, Members of the Judiciary, my fellow Georgians:


To the Members of the General Assembly, congratulations on your election. To the new members of the House and Senate, welcome! You are now part of one of the greatest and most successful experiments in the history of mankind, the process of self-governance, whereby free people entrust to us the responsibility of preserving their freedoms.


We do so if we confine our actions to those things which our constituents cannot do for themselves. Our constitution defines some of the things we shall do, as well as some of the things we shall not do. Between those goal posts of shall and shall not lies the field on which we play. It is not a Field of Dreams but a Field of Law. Like spectators in the stands of a great stadium, a cacophony of voices will tell you what play to run and agree or disagree with your performance. Just remember, we are all on the same team with you, and we share a common purpose of making Georgia the best place to work, play, get an education and raise a family.