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Live video of peregrine falcons set up by DNR




One of the SunTrust Plaza falcons.


ATLANTA, Ga. (March 13, 2013) – Atlanta’s fast-flying falcons are on the nest, and the world is watching again – but this time via video streamed at up to HD quality!


A new web camera operated by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources offers a fascinating look into a peregrine falcons nest more than 50 stories high in downtown Atlanta.


The peregrines began nesting in early March and already have three eggs. The new camera is streaming the nest 24/7 on Ustream, at and at the Georgia Wildlife's FalconCam.


Jim Ozier, program manager with DNR’s Nongame Conservation Section, said the web cam is “a wonderful opportunity for Georgians and wildlife enthusiasts around the world to witness in detail the life history of this once very rare and elusive species. It's great to be able to share and build upon this success story."


First Baptist Church of Woodstock opens satellite campus in Hill City




Woodstock Baptist/Jasper Campus Pastor Eddie Rhodes preaching at the former Mt. Hope Community Church in Hill City. Mt. Hope will become the first satellite campus of Woodstock First Baptist Church located off Hwy. 92.


Two weeks ago, the Sunday morning service was a little different for members of Mt. Hope Community Church on Hwy 53 West, located directly across from Hill City Elementary.

Emblazoned on a screen behind the pulpit was “Woodstock Church/Jasper,” the church’s new name, and Eddie Rhodes from First Baptist Church of Woodstock was introducing himself to the congregation as the new campus pastor.

“Their leadership came to us,” said Woodstock First Baptist Church Pastor Johnny Hunt, former president of the Southern Baptist Convention. “They came to us and they said they may lose what they had. They were at a point where they couldn’t pay their pastor. They could pay rent but there was no money for ministry and they needed help.” 


See more of the megachurch's plans in Pickens County in this week's e-edition.


Report from the Capitol -- Bills that survived crossover day

By Pam O'Dell,

Capitol Reporter


The Georgia State House heard forty-one bills within twelve hours last Thursday. Ending at 9:31 pm, the infamous “Cross-over Day” (the 30th day of the legislative session and the last day in which a bill must pass either chamber or die) went two and a half hours short of its constitutional limit of midnight. With only ten more legislative days ahead, we have some idea of what may be permanent policy changes for the year with a couple of caveats: Bills that ‘died’ are often resurrected upon being amended to a ‘live’ bill and, bills are often ‘gutted’ in order to provide a ‘vehicle’ for another bill that failed to pass on time (thereby losing their intended value).


Safe Carry Protection Act: HB 512-   Rick Jasperse, R-Jasper (117-56)

Picken’s hometown boy worked hard on what may be the gun bill of the year. The Georgia Carry bill does away with prohibitions against licensed gun owners carrying firearms in churches, bars, unsecured government buildings and some areas of college campuses. Another- NRA-backed- bill passed the Senate but ‘the talk in the hall’ (of the capitol) is that the Senate version will probably be incorporated into the House bill (letting all know who has more political clout at the capitol among the gun-rights groups).

PHS teacher facing charges for striking student


Updated:  Sheriff Office Press release

Detectives with the Pickens Sheriff’s Office have obtained a Criminal Arrest Warrant for Larry Cavender, a teacher at the Pickens County High School. The warrant is for the offense of Simple Battery, committed against a high school student.

According to the initial incident report, On March 8th, a student in Cavender’s classroom reported to the School Resource Officer and school officials that Mr. Cavender had struck her across the face in the classroom. Upon the completion of their investigation, Pickens Sheriff’s Office Detectives sought and obtained a Criminal Arrest Warrant from the Pickens County Probate Judge for the offense of Simple Battery.

Mr. Cavender has cooperated with Detectives throughout the investigation and he voluntarily turned himself into the Pickens County Adult Detention Center once he was made aware of the issued warrant.

Original Story

 A Pickens High School teacher will be charged with simple battery for striking a female student in the classroom last week.

   The veteran male teacher is accused of striking the student a single time, which did not cause any significant injury. The name of teacher was not included in this story as they hadn't not been arrested yet. The teacher was expected to turn himself in later Monday afternoon.

  Lt. Kris Stancil said it was a single strike to the face which left a small mark on the student. He said it was not an attack or more serious assault.

   At this point, the sheriff was not prepared to release information on what lead up the incident.




Powerball scales upward to $183M



ATLANTA – Powerball is moving onward as the jackpot for Wednesday’s drawing is up to $183 million to a single annuity winner. The excitement is spreading across Georgia as Powerball continues to roll.


The jackpot has grown since Feb. 9 and has rolled nine times.


Two lucky Georgia Lottery winners won $10,000 from Saturday’s drawing. Chevron in Cumming and EZ Shop in Atlanta sold the winning tickets.