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Local response to Nelson lawsuit over gun ownership


By Ralph Dennis,
Nelson Correspondent
    A lawsuit was filed in the District Federal Court in Gainesville, Ga. on May 16 by the Washington D.C.-based Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence over the city of Nelson’s ordinance requiring all households maintain a firearm.
    The lawsuit filed against the city and the council members on behalf of several of the Brady Center members seeks a ruling that this ordinance is unconstitutional and seeks a permanent injunction against its enforcement.

     See this week's print or online editions for local response from councilmembers and one resident who was contacted by the Brady Center.

Need a job? Learn how to get one at next week's event

mobile unit
    If you’re in the market for a new job but could use some help when it comes to crafting a resume or giving an impressive interview, you’ll want to attend Pickens Family Connection’s first Job Readiness Event next Friday, May 31.
     Pickens Family Connection, in conjunction with numerous other agencies, is offering the local community of job seekers a chance to learn, for free, how to set themselves apart from other candidates in the changing job market. 

Sheriff office asks for help with missing juvenile


The Pickens Sheriff is asking for help with a missing juvenile, Lucus Hollingshead.


Lucus Hollingshead, 15, was last seen on Caylor Farm Road in Pickens County. He is thought to be in the Dawson or Hall County areas after having run away, according to a Sheriff Office spokesman.

Lt. Kris Stancil said in an interview Saturday morning that the youth is not thought to have been abducted, nor is he thought to be in danger. Investigators believe he is with friends or relatives based on his past history, according to Stancil.

Investigators are working with other counties to check residences of his acquantances. He has been missing for about a week, according to sheriff office reports.


Anyone with information is asked to call 911 immediately.



See photos and more.


Pickens man returns from quest for quinoa

bolivia-filming-on-the-salaRichard Shaw / Photo
Filming on the Salar (world’s largest salt flat).

 By Richard Shaw

    The immigration officer looked at me carefully and said something that sounded important, in Spanish. “No habla espanol,” I replied, weary from the overnight flight.
    He said something else, that might have translated to “Welcome to Bolivia,” or not. I shrugged and smiled. He shrugged, stamped my passport and pointed to the exit. 


Be on the lookout for fake $20s







From Pickens Sheriff Business Watch


Over the past week, we have been finding numerous counterfeit $20 bills. Please pass along to your staff to look for the following when accepting cash payments:
·         $20 bills
·         Serial Number: EB74939572G
·         Handwritten 700 – circled on both sides of the bill



The bills look very real, but feel unique. When marked or held to a light, they will not pass a currency.
If you find that you have received one of these bills, please notify the non-emergency line at 706-253-8911 and request that a report be filed.
Our detectives are working actively with other investigators to find the individuals passing this money.
Thanks for everything that you do.