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Hans Rueffert keeps on ticking despite removal of stomach


Hans Rueffert is no stranger to surgeries. He has battled cancer for years, traveling often to M.D. Anderson Hospital in Texas, where surgeons have cut into, pulled out and inserted things into pretty much every part of his body.

His most recent surgery, and by far the most painful, removed his stomach.

Although this may seem unimaginable to most of us, especially considering Hans is a chef whose passion for food is well known both locally and nationally, perhaps the most unbelievable and admirable  thing is how he has maintained a positive attitude throughout his ordeal.

“I’m optimistic that this is the one surgery,” Rueffert said Monday on a call from his hospital room. “We tried hard to save the stomach and esophagus, but when they just went ahead and went stomach-less, it should fix the problems.”

2009 murder charges dropped after judge rules self defense

A Jerusalem area man  has been granted immunity from two murder charges and one aggravated assault charge after a judge ruled Wilburn Curtis Childers acted in self defense in the 2009 shooting death of his cousin and neighbor.

Superior Court Judge Amanda Mercier ruled last week in favor of Wilburn Curtis Childers that self defense justified the shooting of Charles Wayne Childers and that the formerly accused Childers would not face malice murder, felony murder or aggravated assault charges brought by the state.


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Joy House asking for funds to expand ministry to teen boys

Joy House founder Steve Lowe on the front porch of the boys home. The Christian ministry hopes to have this home completed by July so they can expand to serve more families.


“The reason I want to get this finished is I’m tired of turning boys away. For a year and a half, I’ve talked to a lot of families we couldn’t help as we just didn’t have space,” said Steve Lowe on the mostly finished boys’ home at the Joy House campus.

Lowe, the founder and executive director of the ministry/ school for teens, said the Joy House lacks $65,000 to complete the boys’ home, which will also house the school facilities for both boys and girls at the campus off Cove Road, near Bent Tree Drive.

The Joy House currently operates with a girls’ home that can house eight teens with temporary classrooms and offices for the ministry in the basement of that structure. Currently, four boys are housed at a smaller house that was on the campus property when the Joy House bought it.

The new building would allow the Christian ministry to double their capacity from four to eight boys.

Dogs, trains and art: Big events slated for this weekend





Janet Smith making her Feathered Event birdhouse. This work along with many others will be up for viewing and auction Friday night. The Feathered Event is the first of several high-profile events planned this weekend. See tomorrow’s Progress for all details.

This weekend promises to have a little something for everyone in Pickens, with three outdoor events scheduled that may leave you wondering which one to choose.

The first annual Jasper ArtFest will run April 16 though 17, bringing dozens of fine art and food vendors, and other fun outdoor activities to Main Street in Jasper. Festivities will run Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Admission to Jasper ArtFest is free.

Dog Days in the Park, a fundraiser benefiting substance abuse prevention in Pickens, will be held on Saturday, April 16 from 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Lee Newton Park. Participants are invited to bring their fine canines out for an afternoon’s worth of contests and prizes.

Tate Depot Days will also be held on Saturday, April 16 and Sunday, April 17 where the historic depot will be opened to the public for the first time in over 60 years. Attendees will hear presentations about the latest plans to relocate and renovate the building.

Anyone is invited to attend this free event.

The Optimist Club 5K Flapjack Fun Run is scheduled for Saturday morning, with proceeds going to benefit the Optimist Club. Admission is $25.

You can also attend the Sharptop Feathered Event birdhouse auction on Friday at the Burnt Mountain Trading Company from 5-9 p.m. Tickets are $10 each. Birdhouses will be auctioned to support the Sharptop Arts Association.

Choose one or choose all three, but whatever you do don’t choose to miss out on the fun. Be sure to check out this week’s print edition for more details about all of these events.

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Horses go to school

Students at Wildwood Christian Academy, near Steve Tate Road, were surprised to spot four horses grazing on their soccer field Tuesday.

The herd had escaped from a nearby farm and couldn't resist the grassy field.

The owner of the horses was away, but a friend of the owner and Wildwood parent, Lisa Rudolph, wrangled them back home. She bribed them with carrots to get the leads on and with a helper from the farm walked them back across Steve Tate to their usual pasture. The sheriff car followed them with the blue lights on for added safety.