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Mobile App Offers Access to Savings on Gas

gaspumpAs gas prices rise to record levels across the country, consumers are increasingly searching for cheaper gas prices. On the YP app, iPhone and Android searches show an increase – nearly double – in gas-price searches during the last couple weeks. Find more gas prices-related search trends on AT&T Interactive’s blog.

With all this in mind, the YP team has pulled together a few tips to help your readers find the cheapest gas and get the most out of their miles, including the YP app’s free gas-price feature. Focus has traditionally been on low-fi solutions – but it’s time to bring this to the digital age – even AAA recommends using smartphones to find the cheapest gas prices!

Here are ways to boost fuel economy and save at the pump.

Use the YP – Local Search & Gas Prices app: It helps locate the cheapest gas nearby instantaneously on your smartphone – and is free to download.

1. Properly inflate your tires: According to AAA, only 17 percent of cars have properly inflated tires – but it can improve fuel economy by up to three percent, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

2. Go easy on the brakes: The U.S. Department of Energy reports aggressive driving can lower a car’s fuel economy by up to 33 percent.

3. Obey the speed limit: It’s not just for your safety – the U.S. Department of Energy reports that each 5 mph driven over 60 mph is like paying an additional $0.24 per gallon for gas.

4. Tune her up: It may seem like common sense, but listen to your warning lights. Regular vehicle maintenance is important to winning the fuel economy battle.

YP’s Local Search & Gas Prices App saves consumers money. With the latest app, consumers now have quick access to nearby gas prices with an at-a-glance view of the “best” options for easy decision-making while on the go. The popular app’s growing number of money-saving features also includes the ability to not only browse coupons and discounts nearby, but also share them via Facebook, Twitter, email and SMS.

Specifically, YP’s gas price feature can save the average family nearly $150 per year*. That’s two rounds of grocery shopping or tickets for a family-of-four to watch a MLB game. Also, don’t forget that YPmobile can help find the perfect mechanic to tune up your engine or check your air filter!

The latest YP app with gas prices is available for free download and is currently available for iPhones, Android devices and iPads.


No threats, no plans for violence discovered in pipe bomb case

 “More a stupid choice than a violent tendency,” says sheriff

The two Pickens High School students involved in the pipe bomb case did not have any plans to use it on other students, the school or any public area, according to the investigation of Pickens sheriff officers Wednesday night and Thursday morning.

Sheriff Donnie Craig said this was more a case of “a stupid decision than a violent tendency.” Craig and a contingent of uniformed officers were on campus Thursday to answer questions and re-assure students and parents that everything at the high school “was as normal as possible.”

Craig said the two students, both 17-year-olds, have been arrested in connection with the small pipe bomb that was discovered after one student returned home from school Wednesday with it.

The sheriff  said it was a case of one kid “basically tinkering and another kid thinking it was pretty cool.”

The first student brought it to school to give to the second student who had planned to take it home and “see what it would do,” the sheriff said.

“There were no threats and no plans, [for using it against other students],” the sheriff said.

Sheriff officers and nearby agencies thoroughly searched the school, buses and the residences of both students Wednesday night but didn’t find any other explosive materials.

Craig described the pipe bomb as a fairly simple, small device that would have been ignited by lighting a fuse.

“The only person that would have been hurt was the kid trying to set it off,” the sheriff said.

The sheriff said any member of the community could call his office at 706-253-8900 if they had further questions or concerns.


See original story. 

Fire crews fight four fires in past week



At left, the four Pickens homes that were destroyed during last week's fires.

Four structure fires in the past week, with at least two intentionally set, made an unusual and hectic week for local fire crews, Fire Marshal Curtis Clark said Friday.

“It is rare to have four fires here that close together,” he said. “Having (at least two) intentional ones is also a rarity.”

No injuries to homeowners or fire crews were reported at any of the blazes.

“Each had a different cause and stemmed from different sets of circumstances that didn’t tie into each other or any recent fires,” Fire Marshal Clark said. “Each came with unique circumstances.”

For a breakdown of the fire crew’s busy week get the print edition or sign up for our online edition by following this link.

Updated - second student arrested for pipe bomb incident

See later story --  No threats, no plans for violence discoverd in pipe bomb case

Updated More details emerge with pipe bomb incident at PHS

The Pickens Sheriff Office announced Thursday morning that a second student had been arrested with charges stemming from the pipe bomb that was found at the residence of a Pickens High student Wednesday afternoon.

A press release from the sheriff Thursday morning stated, "The device was located at the residence of a student of Pickens High School.  Deputies arrived at the residence and identified what appeared to be a pipe bomb.  It was discovered that one student made the bomb at home and brought it to school to give to the other student who was planning on taking it home to detonate it on his parent’s property."

 Authorities arrested both students. Both students, age 17, are currently being held by the Pickens Sheriff’s Office and charges are pending in the case."


Original Story from Wednesday Night

School searched, extra security planned for Thursday classes

 A Pickens High student was found with a pipe bomb after returning home from school Wednesday, according to statements from Sheriff Donnie Craig.

County on the hunt for photos to display on historical wall



L-R: County employees John Nicholson and Rodney Buckingham look through an old book in Pickens County Probate Court Judge Rodney Gibson’s private collection. This book was one of several that helped the men uncover names of Pickens’ former leaders, which they are compiling for a photo wall for the Pickens County Administration Building.


Per the request of Pickens County’s current sole commissioner, Robert P. Jones, first in office January 2005, two county employees have been transformed into historical treasure hunters, scavenging the countryside for the names and faces of leaders from Pickens’ past.

See a list of all Ordinaries and Commissioners  of Pickens County in this week’s print or e-edition.