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BRAG to bring 1,200 cyclists to Jasper

Chamber working to organize events



The Bicycle Ride Across Georgia (BRAG) will come through Pickens County on June 4-5 with 1,200 riders, many with families, spending the Monday night here.

This is the 33rd Annual BRAG. This year riders will start in Fort Oglethorpe and travel to Dalton on Sunday. On Monday, June 4, they will ride 50 miles from Dalton to Jasper. On Tuesday they will continue from here another 50 miles to Roswell. BRAG ends this year on June 9 in Tiger, Ga.

Governor's website lists 2012 bills signed into law

dealimmigrationGov. Nathan Deal now is going through the bill review process. Because of the high volume of bills under consideration, please reference the governor’s website for a complete list of signed legislation. There will not be a press release for every bill that has either been signed or vetoed.

“This is a great resource for all to stay informed on which bills Gov. Deal has signed,” said Brian Robinson, Deal’s communications director. “Our office will update this site frequently, keeping all Georgians up to date. The Governor’s Office will withhold comment on all legislation – except for bills that were part of his legislative agenda – until they are signed or vetoed.”

Find the list of signed bills here.


Talking Rock recognized for recycling efforts



Sharon Harp, KPB office manager, and Mayor Peter Cagle of Talking Rock.

     Keep Pickens Beautiful is pleased to announce that the Town of Talking Rock has received the Business Recycling Award for doubling their recycling efforts in one year. The  town recycled during the past year over 460 bags of plastic bottles, cardboard, aluminum and tin cans. With only 47 residents this is a great accomplishment.

KPB would like to thank Mayor Peter Cagle and the residents of Talking Rock for their efforts to make a difference.

     If you would like more information on how you can become involved in recycling contact the KPB office at 706-253-3600 and visit our webpage at


Tate Depot Project gathering steam again

tatedepotSide-railed since July 2011, the Tate Depot restoration project appears to be headed back onto the mainline.

"It's back on track," said Pickens County Commissioner Robert Jones. "The plan's being redrawn."

Signs pointed to a groundbreaking on the project in late summer 2011, when forward progress derailed. As drawn then, the project raised red flags with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources Historic Preservation Division.

Historic Preservation Architectural Review Officer Dean Baker and other officials from his office met with some project principals at the depot site Monday, July 18, 2011. Baker communicated then how the planned project differed from Historic Preservation standards.

"The first thing you do [in historic preservation of an old structure] is try not to move the building," Baker said that day. "The second thing you do [if a building must be moved] is try to make sure the sun rises and sets on it the same way."

Bomb hoax leads to Walmart evacuation

walmart2Walmart employees and customers outside in the retailer’s parking lot after being evacuated from the building on Monday, March 26.

Midday Monday, March 26 dozens of Walmart employees and customers were herded into the parking lot of the Jasper mega-retailer following a bomb hoax that is now under investigation.

According to City of Jasper Police Chief Greg Lovell, a Walmart custodian found a note in one of the bathrooms that said a bomb was in the building. The note had a smiley face drawn on it, he said.

According to one shopper who had been evacuated, customers were instructed over the intercom to leave the building.