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A harmonious string of events

Nigel Wright and band tune up for German tour


Pickens resident Nigel Wright, center, and band members Clay Dean, left, and Jamey Merritt, right.

The band will be touring in Germany from July though September of this year.


     While searching for a different Nigel Wright online, German record company, Butterfly Collectors, stumbled onto a Tate Mountain Estates resident with the same name but far different sonic sensibilities.

     While the 18-year-old Tate-Mountain Wright was not who they set out to find, the Pickens’ home-fry is now signed with the fledgling label. He and drummer Jamie Merritt and bass player Clay Dean, both of Dawsonville, have since flown to Germany to film music videos and promo shots, and they are now preparing for a short German tour.

Who'll stop the rain?

Veteran in need receives new roof



Shingles flew as workmen ganged with pitchforks to remove old roofing at a Parker Circle address. Homeowner Ricky Martin, a Vietnam veteran who suffers with a disability, gained a needed new roof through the help of several local organizations and Global Builders, the company that carried out the work.


      Monday, 8 a.m., saw four roofers atop Ricky Martin's home on Parker Circle south of Jasper. Prying off old shingles with pitch forks, workmen labored at fever pace in the morning chill, raining chunks of Martin's old rooftop onto a large blue tarp, spread on the ground to catch all below.

Marble work at courthouse nears completion


 Commissioner Rob Jones said today he is extremely pleased with the appearance of the refinished marble on the exterior of the Main Street courthouse. “I’ve had people say they wanted to know the price of the new marble and I tell them this is the old marble refinished. It looks terrific.”

   The lettering at the top front also enhanced the marble structure.

    Jones said the work is nearing completion with re-attaching the marble pieces and should be done by the first of next week with all the scaffolding removed.

Springtime means bear sighting time

bearinfieldSubmitted by Melissa Cummings

Communications/Outreach Specialist

Georgia DNR, Wildlife Resources Division


     Seeing a black bear in Georgia, even in metro Atlanta, is not unusual, especially during spring. That’s because during spring and summer, young male bears that are “on their own” for the first time sometimes venture into suburbs and even urban areas.

Adult males typically force these young males out of familiar territory in what would be considered traditional bear range. The young bears roam as they try to establish their own territory.

Plants of the southeast: Maidenhair fern

plantmaidenhairBy John Nelson

     Botanists tend to be rather easy-going people, usually. They enjoy being outdoors on field trips and seeing interesting plants…and some botanists are known for an occasional and perhaps unusual sense of humor. My own long-suffering students over the years have been subjected, by me, to a wide variety of brilliant anecdotes and



excellent puns. (Well, that’s the way I think about them.) One of my little stories involves ferns: whenever we come up to a patch of them growing in the woods, I usually end up remarking that we must be in “Fern land” and that maybe we are near Helsinki. (I’ve got plenty more similarly excellent jokes, but maybe I’ll share them with you at a later time.)


     But seriously folks, ferns represent an extremely ancient plant lineage, easily dating back to the early “Carboniferous” period, some 345 million years ago, and well before the first dinosaurs. They and their relatives were instrumental in the development of vast deposits of coal as they died and decayed, and their legacy as a source of fossil fuels makes them extremely important, at least as far as human economy goes. And, from these deposits fossilized ferns are commonly encountered.