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Challenger brings heat in commission chairman race

District post candidates cordial in first public outing


Wesley Weaver, a candidate for commission chairman, used his time before the Tea Party last week to criticize the works of current sole commissioner, Robert Jones, who also seeks the chairmanship.

From the introduction to the closing, Wesley Weaver, who is challenging sole County Commissioner Robert Jones for the commission chairman position in the July 31st election, let the fur fly.

     Weaver began his remarks last week at the Tea Party forum for commission candidates by saying Jones shouldn’t even be in the room. Weaver said Jones, who has served two terms as sole commissioner, said he would not run again if the county went to a multi-member commission, and further, that Jones was not a conservative, a true Republican or someone who follows Tea Party principles in governing.

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Goodbye hybrids, hello hotrods at Jasper Cruise-In

    cruisein Last Saturday, like every fourth Saturday of the warm spring and summer months, Main Street hosted a multitude of rebuilt and refurbished antique vehicles.

     In an age of hybrids, SUV's, and sedans, this event celebrates hotrods, muscle cars, and vintage makes.

Bent Tree resident recovered Titanic artifacts



Explorer, film-maker and Pickens County resident, Mike Harris. Over his shoulder, a photograph shows a younger Harris confronted by the press on returning

from his first Titanic expedition.


     Mike Harris, of Bent Tree, was already a documentary film-maker when he first proposed a sea expedition to locate the Titanic shipwreck about 30 years ago. He would also record that expedition on film.

     Backed by Texas oil man "Cadillac" Jack Grimm and some of Grimm's oil-wealthy cohorts, Harris led that expedition in 1980. He followed it with two others, one in 1981 and another in 1983. Each time Harris produced a documentary of the hunt. The first, Search for the Titanic, was narrated by Orson Welles.