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Store manager at Pig needs seizure alert dog for son


Hunter Calvert, with working dog, Bow, at Canine Partners for Life in Pennsylvania, to see about getting a seizure alert dog for the 11-year-old. Hunter suffers from seizures and needs such a dog to warn him when a seizure is about to happen.

     If you shop at Jasper's Piggly Wiggly, you probably know store manager, Wade Calvert. Two events scheduled soon for Calhoun, where Calvert lives, are set to benefit Calvert's son Hunter, who suffers from a brain condition.

WYYZ brings Texaco Country Showdown to Jasper

Country musicians, sign up now for your chance to get on the road to stardom


     Think about it like Star Search, only for country music.

     Similar to Ed McMahon’s classic TV talent show, The Texaco Country Showdown has helped launch the careers of household names like Martina McBride, Tim McGraw, Billy Ray Cyrus and Brad Paisley.

Bald eagle populations are soaring in Georgia.



     According to preliminary results, Department of Natural Resources aerial surveys in January and March documented 158 occupied nesting territories, 116 successful nests and 190 young fledged.

     The totals are up from last year’s 142 nesting territories, 111 successful nests and 175 eaglets.

     The number of bald eagle nests in Georgia is steadily climbing, underscoring the rebound of our national bird from near-extinction through much of its range 40 years ago. Nests numbered in the single digits in Georgia when survey leader Jim Ozier started searching for them more than two decades ago.

     This comeback was powered in part by Georgians who support the Georgia Wildlife Conservation Fund through their state income tax returns.  As this year’s tax deadline nears, those who haven’t filed are encouraged to contribute $2 or more to the Wildlife Conservation Fund - line 26 on Form 500 or line 10 on Form 500EZ.

     Giving 2 wildlife benefits more than 1,000 Georgia plant and animal species listed as species of conservation concern, including bald eagles, which are continuing to nest in new areas across the state.

Photos courtesy of Georgia DNR

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month


Pinwheels for Prevention marks 374 reports in 2011

     A single pinwheel can spin many times in seven minutes. Seven minutes is the length of time that passes before another child in Georgia is abused or neglected.

     Please observe the Pinwheels on the Annex West  lawn to represent the 374 reports of child abuse or neglect made last year to the Pickens Department of Family and Children’s Services. The goal of Pinwheels for Prevention is to show the community the alarming number of children who are harmed daily in their own backyard. Pickens Family Partners encourages all citizens concerned about the well-being of our children to support Pinwheels for Prevention by purchasing pinwheels at various locations on April 28.

     We hope this visual reminder of the incidents of child abuse and neglect will show everyone how important it is to make preventing child abuse before it starts a priority for everyone in Pickens County. These pinwheels will remind us that healthy children and healthy families are a shared responsibility. It takes all of us working together to stop child abuse before it starts.

     The pinwheel has become a symbol of Prevent Child Abuse nationwide not only in April but all year long. To volunteer or for information please call 706-253-6488 or visit

At left, Prevent Child Abuse members with some of the pinwheels.

First Baptist's Re-enactment draws crowd to Main Street


“A Walk with Christ,” a Re-enactment of Jesus’ Final Walk presented Friday evening on Main Street by members of the First Baptist Church of Jasper. A large crowd followed the re-enactor carrying the wooden cross from the courthouse to the church where a brief service was held.

This is one of many Easter events, including other church services and egg hunts planned this weekend. See this week’s print or e-edition for a complete listing.