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Incident reported at Canton school

Updated Press Release from

Cherokee Sheriff’s Office

 After being taken into custody this morning at the Cherokee Charter Academy on Sixes Road, Cherokee Sheriff’s detectives have charged Todd Christopher Grigg, 31 years old of Woodstock, with 4 counts of Possession of a Weapon on School Grounds, Carrying a Concealed Knife and Obstruction of an Officer.

            Grigg claims he was at the school, where two of his relatives attend, and was waiting for a ride. He further advised investigators that he ran from the deputies because he knew he was in a school zone and was armed.

            Grigg is currently in custody at the Cherokee County Adult Detention Center with no bond.



Original Press Release from

Cherokee Sheriff’s Office

This morning at approximately 7:30am Cherokee Sheriffs deputies assisting with traffic at the Cherokee Charter School located at 2126 Sixes Road in Canton observed a suspicious male standing on school property. One of the deputies began to approach the male, later identified as Todd Christopher Grigg, 31 years old of Woodstock.  Grigg began to walk and eventually run from the deputies. Deputies caught up with Grigg and he was taken into custody.

                On his person, Grigg had a BB gun that resembled a semi-automatic handgun, three knives and leather gloves. Grigg is currently at the Cherokee Sheriff’s Office South Annex being questioned by detectives.


The Cherokee Sheriff’s Office is hosting a training conference conducted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) at the Bluffs in Canton. The topic of the seminar is Active Shooter and Mass Killings and the training is for Command Staff level personnel from law enforcement, Fire, EMS and School Administrators. The conferences’ objective is to share best practices and lessons learned from these types of incidents and to enhance our coordinated local, state, and federal response to large-scale events.


City of Jasper Police Officers and Pickens Sheriff deputies are in the training  in Cherokee County to handle school incidents and other public shooter situations. Look for reports and comments from local law enforcement on recent incidents in the metro area and about the training in the upcoming print edition.





griggs weapons



Tax digest drops 1.3%

Values down $48M  from previous year
See the print or online edition to see proposed millage rate changes from the school board and county board of commissioners 

pickensseal      As members of the school board and county and city elected officials set millage rates to fund their upcoming budgets, they will be working with nearly $50 million less in taxable property this year than the previous year.


Accelerated Reader program dropped at schools



     The Pickens school system dropped Accelerated Reader, a program designed to assess a student’s reading comprehension level, at the beginning of the academic year, citing a “significant increase in the cost for the subscription” of the product.
    The move was met with dismay from some parents and teachers who liked the program that measured comprehension in their students while others see the move away from AR as positive.

Serving preppers, vets, and everyday Joes

From gas masks to zombie supplies at X Military Stuff


    X Military Stuff owner Joe Kirk makes an effort to offer a varied assortment of military surplus items at his Jasper store. 

     The camel-colored building at the intersection of Depot Street and East Church Street is quiet and unassuming, so much so that passersby may not notice it now houses the military surplus store X-Military Stuff.
    The only signs are a modest banner hanging in the window and a small multi-colored display discreetly flashing “OPEN.”

Affordable Care Act Overview

A look at the implementation of the new healthcare policies in Georgia

By Pam O’Dell
Capitol Reporter
    On March 23, 2010, President Obama signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Commonly known as the Affordable Care Act, or ACA).  Accompanied by the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act, the law represents a significant government expansion and reorganization of the American health care system.