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Shooting the Breeze with Sharon Morgan

Morgan talks hunting treasures and chasing rainbows


Enjoying life as a mother and grandmother, “Treasure Hunter” Sharon Morgan says she loves spending time with those she loves, seeing smiles on her grandchildren’s faces, watching sunsets and, of course, ice cream.


How long have you been teaching? How long in 1st grade?

I have been teaching for 18 years.

I taught four years in Cherokee County and then began in Pickens County at Hill City Elementary the year it opened. My first class of students from Hill City are seniors this year! In Pickens, I taught kindergarten for years years, third grade for three years, and first grade for seven years. I am currently at Harmony Elementary continuing to teach my “Firsties”.  

Shooting the Breeze with Michael and Vicki White



After years in the local retail industry you two decided to open up a consignment furniture store downtown. How did you come up with the idea for this type of store?

Vickie: Over the last two years we have shopped in consignment stores and I fell in love!  To me, the fun is the hunt for all those treasures. We actually have several pieces in our house that came from consignment shops.

Shooting the Breeze with Sonja Gordy




How long have you been teaching?  

I moved to Young Harris in 1993, and soon began as a para professional at Towns County Comprehensive School. I had a wonderful teacher, who inspired me to go ahead and start college. With her encouragement, Mrs. Julia Rogers, I was officially certified in December 1998. I was teaching in my own classroom in February 1, 1999. Since then, I am in my classroom more than I am at home. I love

Shooting the Breeze with Amy Denney



What's your title at Chattahoochee Tech? How long have you worked with students working on their GED? 

My official title is Instructor; however, I am the site manager of the Pickens Learning Center. I have been working with GED students for 11 years. Some of my earlier years in Adult Education, I also taught ESL classes. 

Shooting the Breeze with Greg Gaddis


Greg Gaddis talks restaurant families, drums and coffee 




  Greg Gaddis is an employee of Amicalola EMC and drummer in the band the Dashcrackers. He is married to Donna Gaddis. 


 Your family owned and operated the Lighthouse Restaurant and Dixie Dip in Pickens. What was it like growing up in a restaurant family?


Actually, my connection with restaurants goes back even farther than my parents. My maternal grandparents built and operated Bill's Truckstop (named after my uncle) back in the 50s so it's been a connection all of my life. And my youngest son, Weston, works locally at the Last Catch and