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Shooting the Breeze with Tony Greiner

Greiner talks volunteering, Tony Stark and Taekwondo
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For six years Greiner has worked at the Burnt Mountain Center, which offers services to developmentally disabled adults in Pickens. He is an active member of the Jasper Lions Club and a Taekwondo student who competes regularly. He is also a volunteer firefighter at the Bethany-Salem Fire Department in Pickens.

Shooting the Breeze with Larry Starr

Larry Starr on CARES, God and joining the “70s club”


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Larry Starr is executive director at the CARES Food Pantry.

Why are you moving to a part-time executive director position at CARES?

For several years I have been praying and contemplating what to do about retirement. I want to do God’s will as long as I live but I dont want to work for a living as long as I live. Now that I’ve joined the “70 Club” I’ve decided to cut back on working for a living after December. 

Shooting the Breeze with Anna Walker


    PHS graduate Anna Walker recently took first place in “Teach and Train” competition at the National Conference for FCCLA in Washington, D.C. Walker also competed at the National Leadership and Skills Conference. To earn a spot at this competition she had to compete and place first at both a region competition in January and state competition in March.

Shooting the Breeze with Anne Bridges


(Bridges has lived in Pickens County for 10 years. She began playing the violin in 5th grade and ultimately made her career as a strings teacher in Tampa, Florida.)

You are a violinist and founder of Sharptop Strings, a community orchestra consisting solely of a string section. Tell me about the group.

    I was teaching private students for the Creative and Performing Arts Academy and a lady came in looking for a youth orchestra for her children. We decided we didn’t have enough people for a youth orchestra but we did for a multi-generational group. And we’ve collected people for the group ever since.

Shooting the Breeze with Ally Carlton

STB-Ally-Carlton    Carlton has completed four marathons, six or seven half marathons, a 50K race, a six-hour race and a 12-hour race where she logged over 63 miles.


You recently completed a 12 hour timed race in Canton where you logged in over 63 miles. Is that the longest distance you've run?
    Yes - so far. That was my first 12-hour race, so I was pretty nervous in the days leading up to it. There were even several times when I thought to myself, “What am I doing?” I was afraid I’d totally crash and burn. I think it’s good for the spirit to try something every now and then that could really knock you on your butt; it helps you grow. So I’m glad I went for it.             Running through the night and into the morning, getting to watch the sun come up, was just an awesome experience, and it’s always great to meet other runners, people who share that joy for long distance. But I think one of the most rewarding things about this race was that it showed me what I can do—six months ago I never would have thought I could run over 60 miles. Now I feel like this is just the beginning.
    My next major goals are to run a 100-mile race and to transition into trail ultras.