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Shooting the Breeze with Carla Looney Jarrett


You've been co-owner of Get To The Pointe for five years now. Why did you decide to start your own dance facility here in Jasper?

    My business partner, Lauren Bail, and I both grew up here in Jasper. Our vision was to share our experience and passion for dance with the same community that supported us so many years growing up.

Has dancing always been a lifelong passion?

    I started dancing at the age of 3. I was also involved in baton, gymnastics and other activities growing up. By the time I was in middle school I decided that I wanted to focus mostly on dance. I began studying with the Atlanta Ballet and later joined the Atlanta Jazz Theatre Company. While in high school, I decided that one of my career aspirations was to dance at Disney. I was able to fulfill this dream at the age of 18 (just 2 days after graduating PHS) when I moved to Orlando for 8 years to work for Walt Disney World as a performer and eventually as a Show Quality Specialist. I still enjoy working for Disney on a seasonal basis.

What's your favorite style of dance?

    My favorite styles of dance are ballet and lyrical for two very different reasons. I love the discipline and structure of ballet, and the beautiful lines and creative freedom of lyrical.

You recently adopted a baby boy. What has been the absolute best part of having a newborn? The scariest?

    Our journey to becoming parents was a struggle to say the least. I believe that everything we went through to get our amazing son has made us appreciate and enjoy every moment of being parents that much more.  He is just always so happy and full of joy. As for the scariest part of having a newborn, in our situation, wasn’t anything having to do with caring for the child. But more knowing in the back of your mind for the first 3-4 months that until everything was 100% finalized, there was still that small chance that something could go terribly wrong and he wouldn’t be ours. Especially after hearing of other families struggles with adoption.  However, thanks to the thoughts and prayers of our church, community, and unbelievable family and friends, everything went extremely smoothly and there were no unexpected bumps in the road.

What brings you joy?

    Nothing brings me more joy than watching our dancers as they grow. To see them accomplish things in dance that initially seemed impossible and the resulting self-confidence when they do, is the greatest reward to me. As a new mother, I can’t wait to experience this with my own child.

Tell us something most people don't know about you.

    I was a performer in the 1996 Olympic Opening & Closing Ceremonies in Atlanta.  Although it was one of the WORST costumes I have ever had to wear, it was an awesome experience that I will never forget.

What is your earliest memory?

    My memory seems to work a little differently than most.  I don’t really have any early childhood memories.  However, I can tell you EXACTLY what outfit I wore on the first day of school every year from kindergarten through high school and can describe every costume I wore in every dance routine that I have performed since my first recital!

Shooting the Breeze with Tom Lindsey


(Lindsey is a native Pickens resident who spent years in  real estate as a broker with Century 21 Lindsey and Pauley before retiring a few years back.)

You are an avid collector of A.C. Gilbert erector sets/toys and will attend a convention in Atlanta next month for other connoisseurs. How long have you been interested in these specific vintage toys? And why?

Shooting the Breeze with Lenny Brown

Lenny Brown and his wife Shelby Roberts are professional dog handlers with clients all over the globe. Here Brown talks about German Shepherds, Westminster, and life as a new parent.


How long have you and Shelby been handling dogs and how did you get started on your career path?

Both of us have been doing it our whole lives. Shelby’s parents were professional handlers so she was born into it. I fell into it. I was 12. My dad had dogs and used a handler to show dogs. His handler had children so I would go along with them sometimes. He showed German Shepherds.

Shooting the Breeze with Dawn Hause

Hause is the owner of downtown’s The Carriage House.

                                         She will mark her 11th year in business this month.
shooting-dawn-hauseHow did The Carriage House get started?

    I was the newest employee at The Carriage House 11 years ago, when I bought it from the original owners. I loved the people, the atmosphere and the hours still allowed me to be a mom. It is hard to believe it was 11 years ago.


Shooting the Breeze with Michal Brock

Sharprtop Art Association President Michal Brock talks art, inspiration and pet peeves.


    Sharptop Art Association president Michal Brock. Before taking a leadership role at Jasper’s 40-year-old non-profit Brock worked in marketing and advertising with major shopping malls and as director of special events for Neiman Marcus in the Dallas, Texas area. She also served on the board for the Dallas Special Olympics, organizing an event that raised $250,000 in one night, and later started her own business recruiting physicians for hospitals and private practices.

What brought you to Jasper?
The Pickens Progress, not to be patronizing. My husband and I were looking for a business opportunity to carry us into retirement, something we could manage together without having 9-5 hours.  The first issue of the Pickens Progress I purchased had a small ad, in the classifieds. We called the seller, met within an hour, and before sunset shook hands on a deal. That was December 2004.