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Shooting the Breeze with Jamie Hunter


(Jamie is a musician who lives in Jasper. He and his family attend Jasper United Methodist Church.)
   You're a musician who writes Blues music. It seems music has always been a part of your life from a young age, were your parents musicians?

    I haven't always written blues, but have always loved the slide guitar and the feeling and atmosphere it creates. It is hard to write about something you have not lived. So in 2004 after moving to Nashville, I teamed up

Shooting the Breeze with Ava Rogers



Ava Rogers is a lifetime Pickens resident. Rogers started her DJing career at WIVL radio station in Jasper before becoming a co-owner at WYYZ 1490 AM last year. Rogers hosts two shows on WYYZ. Here she talks about life as an adopted child, music, and her love of dogs.

Shooting the Breeze with Ross Galbreath


Galbreath is the owner and stylist at FX Hair Studio in Jasper. He also works with Disney in Orlando.

Q: In addition to owning your own salon, Hollywood FX,  you still work with Disney.  How did you get started working for them?

A: I started with the Walt Disney Company as an attraction host in Magic Kingdom in 1992 while a senior in high school. I worked there for a year and then trained at the Jungle Cruise in Adventure Land and Big Thunder

Shooting the Breeze with Kyle Rasco

  Kyle Rasco is in his third year as the Athletic Director at PHS.



Q: Since you’ve been at PHS what have you noticed about the number of students playing sports and the types of sports they are choosing?

A: I think we definitely have a lot more kids participating in sports. Sports like cross-country, track and soccer are really becoming big and there are more kids getting involved.