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Shooting the Breeze with Linda Barnes

Linda Barnes owns Namedroppers, a promotional products company based in Jasper.



What did you do before opening Namedroppers in 2008?

    I have always been in marketing or sales in one fashion or another. I started doing freelance graphics years ago, and I mean years ago before we had access to all of the computer graphics that we have today. A pencil and


Shooting the Breeze with Jacob Bryant


     Pickens native Jacob Bryant has been awarded the Georgia Country & Gospel Music Association’s Best Male Vocalist, Entertainer of the Year and Songwriter of the Year. He has also received the North American Country Music Association’s International Male Vocalist of the Year.
    Bryant has performed with David Allen Coe, Kentucky Headhunters, Eli Young Band, Easton Corbin, Drivin’ N Cryin’ and Keith Anderson. His band Jacob Bryant & 151 also worked as the house band at Cowboy’s.

Shooting the Breeze with Debbie Rooker


(Rooker is the director of Burnt Mountain Center, a facility that advocates for and provides services to individuals with disabilities, specifically through work related support. She has spent 33 years working at the center.)


How did you get into this line of work?


My Mom and Dad were foster parents when I was growing up. Some of the children they cared for had developmental disabilities and remained with our family and are still with us after 45 years.

Shooting the Breeze with Michelle Mumaw

(Mumaw is a Pickens native and hairstylist at EZ Hair.)


You've been in the hairstyling business for many years. How did you become interested in being a stylist?
I've been styling hair for 23 years! When I was a little girl, my aunt, Helen Padgett, owned a hair salon. I loved pretending I was Helen. I always wanted to cut and style hair.

What's the best part about your job?
I have a job I truly love! I never dread work, and I'm always excited to go. For me, going to work is getting to hang out with friends, (clients) and family (co-workers); laughing, having fun and helping people feel better about their appearance and themselves. Now that's a great job!

What's the toughest part of your job?
The physical requirements of my job would surprise many people.  It's not easy standing on your feet all day with your arms up!

Do you have any favorite stories from your work life?

Once a lady gave a $1,000. tip! Yes, a thousand bucks!  But, more importantly than any monetary benefit from my job, I've had the opportunity to be really involved in my clients’ lives. From first hair cuts, proms, weddings, to funerals. I really love my clients and it makes me smile to have so many friends and share in special days with them.

You have twins. How old are they and how crazy is your life right now managing them both?
My twins are almost 6. Besides the fact that they are boys and full of energy, at 6 they are pretty easy. It was tough when I had to carry 2 baby carriers, 20 diapers, and 12 bottles ! At this stage, we are just having fun! They start kindergarten this year, so I'm excited to get start back working full time.

What has surprised you the most about motherhood? 
The changes of your own personal emotions as a parent, and how your emotions of worry and fear are much more amplified when it involves your children's happiness, safety and well-being.    

If you were stranded on a desert island, what would you want with you?
My kids, Chapstick and internet.

What is one of the funniest or most embarrassing stories your family tells about you?
When I was a little girl, I convinced my Granny Childers to let me help her work in her garden. I ended up using the hoe on all the good plants, and left the weeds. Believe it or not, she laughed, but thankfully caught me early enough to save some of the crop!

What makes you smile?
Many things make me smile, but watching the way my kids care for each other is top of my list. When I get home from work and my kids run to me screaming "Mommy", that's pretty awesome.  It's also a wonderful feeling to make others smile, and sometimes I find myself even more thankful for my job, in that I have an opportunity to help my clients feel pretty and better about themselves.

Shooting the Breeze with Guthrie Turner

(Guthrie Turner is the owner of Deb’s Bakery in Jasper.)

How did you get into the bakery business?

    It's a family business. I was given the opportunity to take over and I took it. It's something I've been around for the majority of my life. It's something to be proud of.