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Shooting the Breeze with Heather Free

Free talks tattooing, veganism and Bob Ross

Heather Free is a tattoo artist at Time Honored Tattoo in Ball Ground. 

When and why did you choose tattooing as a career path?

It’s kind of hard for me to answer that question. Some of my earliest memories are pretending to tattoo my younger brother and cousin with an army-green magic marker. I’ve always wanted to decorate the home I live in, so to speak, with images of things that I love and make me feel good.

Shooting the Breeze with Aaron Holland

Holland talks fantasy worlds, magic, orcs and trolls

    Holland, 40, is an author and  business and technology teacher at Pickens High. He published his third book last month and is currently working on another book in the fantasy series. He moved to Jasper 15 years ago and lives here with his wife, Carry Holland and their children, Hunter, 14, and Sarah, 11.

Shooting the Breeze with Keith Petty

Pickens native Keith Petty talks changes in community
    Keith Petty is a native of Pickens County and has been employed with the Pickens County Board of Education for 21 years. He has been system Teacher of the Year, a STAR Teacher finalist twice, and STAR Teacher once. He enjoys writing and has written for several publications including the Pickens County Progress and Georgia Backroads magazine.  He balances his professional life with simplicity, a few close relationships, and good books.

Shooting the Breeze with Mike Haviland

Nelson Council member talks race cars, litter and running 100 mile races

STB mike haviland
    This Nelson city council member moved here 8-9 years ago after retirement. He was originally from Niles Michigan, having worked in Economic Development for his career. He is married to Drina and they have four sons and three grandchildren.

Shooting the Breeze with Jackson Leake


Leake talks writing, the arts and late night snacking



PHS junior Jackson Leake feels at home in the arts. Leake has recently completed writing Room 22, a fantastical mystery centering around a teenage boy named Dylan, who has survived in the mental hospital Creedmoore for longer than any of the other residents. As more people disappear, others come to take their place, which leads to the introduction of characters Hunter and Scarlett. Information about where you can purchase his book is located at the end of the article. 


Jackson Leake is a 16-year-old Pickens High School student whose book Room 22, the first in a three-part series called the Enspirit Trilogy, will be available in paperback on January 23 through Amazon. Leake is also heavily involved in arts programs at the high school, including theatre and chorus. His parents are Amy and Chris Leake.