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General news and features

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Governor not meeting with Moral Mondays coalition Dan Pool 3108
Power Hour leads to ice cream Dan Pool 2411
Weekend snack program meeting the needs of Pickens students 2827
Kirby to be featured on "Kim of Queens" Angela Reinhardt 8995
DOT out in full force to handle snow Angela Reinhardt 2948
Fannin schools, sheriff investigating basketball game's tense ending Christie Pool 14460
Supreme court releases opinions on gruesome cases Written by Administrator 5560
Propane prices rise as supplies run short Christie Pool 11668
Otis Nixon released after violating probation Angela Reinhardt 6588
Cold weather brings woes for homeowners Christie Pool 2508
No, we don’t know how to handle the cold Angela Reinhardt 5858
Lawson PHS Valedictorian, Mathews PHS Salutatorian Written by 2884
Clerk of Court angry over "micro managing" Dan Pool 2760
Amicalola EMC accepting scholarship applications Written by Administrator 2456
After SPLOST collections fall short, county to shoulder most of rec. center cost Angela Reinhardt 7017
Winter weather wreaks havoc on PHS Field House Written by Administrator 3469
Unusual circumstance of Bethany Moorings death leads to GBI review Dan Pool 3574
UPDATED: Dog trapped in burning home released from emergency clinic Christie Pool 5783
Two Flu-related Deaths Confirmed in North Georgia Written by Administrator 4346
Flu may be worst in past decade Christie Pool 3459
Jasper man builds snow-making machine Angela Reinhardt 7907
County to take out $6 million TAN Angela Reinhardt 5962
We’ve had low temps, but not record breaking Written by Administrator 4570
Flu season getting started Dan Pool 3369
Jasperse's bills to be most talked about in upcoming session Written by Administrator 2756