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General news and features

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Community center can be used for indoor walking track Angela Reinhardt 1392
Georgia’s jobless rate decreases to 9.7 percent Written by staff 1023
Open Mic Night draws large, diverse crowd Written by staff 1935
Band students recognized by school board Dan Pool 1222
Jasper residents arrested for counterfeiting Dan Pool 2710
Burnley named 2012 STAR Student Dan Pool 1582
Film crew descends on South Main home Angela Reinhardt 2149
Technology stressing you out? Try these methods to decrease effects of screen overload Written by Administrator 1325
Youth Writing Contest for Pickens County announced for 2012 Written by staff 1002
Four Ga. potters inducted into "living traditions" Written by staff 1441
Keep the Family and Wallet Full in the New Year Written by Administrator 1430
Charting the course to prosperity -- Text of Governor's State of the State speech Written by staff 1206
Roadshow draws strong traffic, thousands of coin sales Dan Pool 1107
With strong year-end giving, matching capital Joy House wraps up fundraising for boys home Dan Pool 590
Love wine? Be a judge at Yonah Vineyards for the International Grand Wine Challenge Written by Administrator 504
Heading for hike – don’t forget your GORP; New pass required for all use of some state properties Written by staff 1097
Rep. Jasperse previews upcoming session Dan Pool 848
Wounded soldier makes surprise holiday visit Christie Pool 1629
Plants of the Southeast -- “Sweetgum,” Liquidambar styraciflua Written by staff 943
A drumming what? Written by Administrator 738
Georgia River Network Challenge to ‘Paddle 12 Rivers in 2012’ Written by Administrator 966
Anybody got an extra opossum? Dan Pool 2071
No Pickens post offices threatened by proposed cuts Angela Reinhardt 632
2012 Budget, courthouse project discussed at commissioner's meeting Written by staff 608
One dead, two injured in Highway 515 wreck Monday; GSP still investigating cause Written by staff 9728