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General news and features

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Deadline draws close for local writing contest Dan Pool 887
Tax hike too much, citizens tell commissioner Dan Pool 1581
Stop sign, lower speed limit sought by Mt. Zion Dan Pool 943
Jasper “Duck Pond” work ahead of schedule 1625
Bluegrass musicians, sign up to win $1,000 or $250 Angela Reinhardt 544
Pickens man develops iPhone App Angela Reinhardt 1069
Gunning for gator at Grandview Lake Written by Jeff Warren 1553
Atlanta Falcons Cash Blowout lottery game launched Written by staff 663
Barnes wins GOP race for District 1; Sosebee wins DA Dan Pool 1213
4-H Horse Club Kick off meeting Saturday Written by staff 836
West Pickens model battling ovarian cancer Written by Jeff Warren 2007
PHS band director keyed up for 2012 season Written by Administrator 1796
Let's get ready for some football Pickens County Written by staff 1488
Powerball jackpot bumped up to $320 million Written by staff 956
County looking at options for replacing Rec. director Dan Pool 1774
Work on Hwy. 53 bridge over Amicalola extended Written by staff 699
Bluegrass championship to bring top act to Jasper Angela Reinhardt 1479
DNR plans to relocate unwanted Jasper bear Angela Reinhardt 1163
Mother of two fighting stage 3 melanoma cancer Angela Reinhardt 2452
New courthouse above ground Written by Jeff Warren 596
Ball Ground fire hides homicides/suicide Written by staff 2778
4,400 expected when schools open Tuesday Written by Jeff Warren 779
Tyler Craig finishes 2nd in Jr. Olympics Pole Vault Written by staff 1532
Edible Jasper grows another garden Angela Reinhardt 1727
Jasper Banking Company closed by FDIC; operating now as Stearns Written by staff 4027