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Doris Wigington Park opens


By Meagan Hurley
Staff writer

    June 28 marked the official ribbon cutting of Doris Wigington Park, named for the former Jasper City Council member. 
    Wife of former council member Bill Wigington, Doris took the place of her husband on the council upon his

death in 2000 and remained on council until her own death in 2007. Having always wanted to transform the vacant land off Lumber Company Road and Gennett Drive into a park, the city named the park in her honor.
    The park, which primarily features walking trails, took a total of two years to complete. The city employees, along with the mayor and city council members, made the project possible once a $100,000 grant was obtained.


0 #1 terry 2014-07-08 03:26
Could you give a better idea of where this park is? I've lived in Pickens County 10 years and I have no clue where Lumber Company Rd and Gennett Drive is in the area. I'm sure I can't be the only one. Also, park hours would be helpful.
[Editor's reply: There is no gate so basically it is open during daylight hours. As for a better idea of where it is, Lumber Company is a right off of Talking Rock Highway if you are driving north (Arbor Hills is on the road). The park is on the right a short distance after passing Arbor Hills.
0 #2 Randy 2014-07-18 23:42
Lumber Company Rd is off of Talking Rock Rd right before you get to Philadelphia, the cross road to 515. Go out of Jasper past Jasper Tire and Mountain Video. Keep going until you pass the old Annie's Restaurant. Lumber Company Road is on the right. Turn onto Lumber Company. The park is about 1/4 mile down. The park trailes extend all the way across, through the woods to Hood Road.

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