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Starving horses all recovering


 horses1 Pickens Progress  

Captain Frank Reynolds with the Pickens sheriff’s office confirmed Tuesday that all the horses seized from a pasture where they were found malnourished last week are recovering. (see original story in our e-edition from last week)

   An arrest on four counts of animal cruelty of a Ball Ground woman was made after the deadline for our print edition Tuesday. Donna Yuszkiewicz Walker of Ball Ground faces four counts of cruelty to animals for the conditions found at the pasture on Yellow Creek Road. She bonded out of Pickens jail later Tuesday.

 The sheriff office worked with the Department of Agriculture last week to seize four horses from a Yellow Creek pasture and to see that the remaining horses were reunited with owners or a horse rescue group.

   Several of ten horses there were placed by Save the Horses, which had worked with the person responsible for the pasture for several months without problem before discovering and reporting the malnourished state of the animals and the apparent starving death of one other horse and one baby donkey.

   “All the horses are in better health,” Reynolds said. “They are on the road to recovery.”



0 #11 Skip 2014-07-14 17:39
Quoting TKO:

It's a goldang conspiracy is what it is .... I heard the Progress is covering up evidence about UFO's and a recent sasquatch siting....

I didn't say anything about a cover up or conspiracy. I stated that I believe that there is more to this story. If you actually were able to grasp the meaning of my statement, I guess you would have realized that and might have something more meaningful to add. When did our demographic become so ignorant? Oh wait, it always has been.

My concern is that most people seem to be taking this at face value, when I am highly doubtful that all of the blame can be placed on one person alone. Surely someone else played a role in this or turned a blind eye. If this lady was boarding horses, then where were the owners all of this time? It's all very sad.

Settle down, beavis .... if you think there's more to the story then go investigate it with that superior intellect of yours.

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