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Groom in fatal wedding wreck arrested for weekend DUI

 Updated Quinton in Cherokee County jail after bond revoked from first wreck (scroll to bottom for update)

Ryan Quinton, who is charged for a fatal wreck that killed his bride in December, was arrested for driving under the influence after leaving Rocco’s Pub on Highway 515 around 1 a.m. Saturday morning.

Captain Frank Reynolds with the Pickens’ Sheriff’s office said Quinton pulled out in front of the sheriff’s HEAT unit, which caught the officer’s attention. Reynolds said, “Pulling out in front of an officer is kind of a telltale sign [of impaired driving].”



The officer followed Quinton, noting that he was having difficulty maintaining his lane and failed to come to a complete  stop at a stop sign before being pulled over on Refuge Road. The county’s two HEAT units are assigned primarily for traffic and stopping impaired drivers.

According to an incident report,  when Deputy Travis Gibson asked him if he had been drinking,  “Quinton stated, ‘I had a few earlier.’ I observed an open 30 pack of Bud Light Beer in the passenger floorboard, which I saw later was open and several were missing.” 

Quinton failed a field sobriety test and was taken to the Pickens jail where the state-administered chemical breath test showed him to have a blood alcohol level of .158, according to Reynolds. The legal limit is .08.

Quinton is charged with DUI, failure to maintain lane and failure to stop at stop sign.

Quinton already faced DUI and first-degree vehicular homicide charges among other traffic infractions for a December 29th single car crash on Highway 5, which claimed the life of Kali Shay Quinton as they were leaving the wedding reception.

Quinton was released from the Pickens jail on bond.

Quinton’s attorneys Scott T. Poole and Ross D. Grisham issued the following statement Tuesday: “In light of Mr. Quinton's recent arrest, he has decided to enter into a residential treatment program.  This will be beneficial to his long-term well being regardless of the whether or not there is any validity to the new allegations.”


Updated Wednesday morning -- From Cherokee Sheriff Office-- Ryan Quinton, 28 years old of Jasper, was arrested last night on a bench warrant after his bond was revoked from his February arrest in Cherokee County for multiple traffic offenses including Vehicular Homicide. Quinton remains in custody at the Cherokee Adult Detention Center with no bond.






pinto colvig
+7 #11 pinto colvig 2014-05-29 16:42
gee, imagine that, the police have a vendetta against people who behave so recklessly, selfishly and illegally that they routinely endanger the lives of innocent people who are just minding their own business, even if they haven't already killed someone they supposedly love... who else is worth having a vendetta against if not this (*)&???
-5 #12 Skip 2014-05-29 16:55
Ask Gus Mally about bad cops.
Paula Wright
0 #13 Paula Wright 2014-05-31 13:40
Sad situation he should have already been into treatment. I really don't believe this is a case of bad cops. I think the comments here are a little off the wall though. This young man has family and friends that will be hurt by the disrespectful comments. The family has suffered enough. They have nothing to do with what this young man did and the hurtful comments just add to the pain. He obviously has a drinking problem and definitely makes poor choices. Unfortunately an innocent young lady was killed. What he did was wrong bottom line I am sure everyone agree's.
Heavy heart
+3 #14 Heavy heart 2014-05-31 20:25
Sometimes things happen for a reason. This person does appartly needs help. We all do make mistakes, but forgiving ourselves may include punishing ourself. Even to the point that nothing matters anymore. No matter how he received it, he deifintly needs some help. Don't cast stone, we don't know what path we may be walking tomorrow. Purpose and a blessing he is safe now.

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