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   Early voting for the primary will end this Friday, May 16, with a SPLOST, two hotly contested school board races and one commissioner’s race to appear on the ballot. 
    According to Pickens County Elections Officer Julianne Roberts, as of closing on Monday evening 622 Pickens

County residents have voted at the Pioneer Road office. On Election Day next Tuesday, May 20, voters will visit their regular polling places across the county.
    “It’s been very, very slow,” said Roberts, who reported that the county has around 19,000 registered voters. “I don’t know the exact number, but we had 19,000 before we had to purge 950 voters who haven’t voted in the last two general elections. Then we had a lot of people register right up to deadline so I’m not sure if it got back up to that 19,000.”
    Only voters in the western commission district can vote in the commissioner’s race. Although school board candidates must live inside the district they run, in Pickens all voters can vote in all school board races. 
     You can find sample ballots for the upcoming primary at While you’re there you can find more information about each candidate on our Election Guide.



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