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Jasperse's gun bill signed into law


Gov. Nathan Deal signs GA House Bill 60 into law at the ETC Pavilion in Ellijay Wednesday. Also pictured, from left, are Georgia House Rules Committee Chairman John Meadows, District 68 Rep. Dustin Hightower, District 30 Rep. Emory Dunahoo Jr, District 11 Rep. Rick Jasperse (who represents Pickens County and sponsored the legislation commonly referred to simply as "the gun bill") and GA House Speaker David Ralston. 

Coverage courtesy of Michael Andrews, Ellijay Times Courier


0 #61 PiedmontBloodandSoil 2014-05-14 20:25
Skip, sure thing! To be honest though, I'm not entirely sure what I think of David Lane. Creating Wotanism because he didn't think Odinism had a broad enough appeal amongst non-Scandinavia n Ayrans... if you ask me, that kind talk almost smacks of... multiculturalis m. :-?

Pinto, I won't deny that urban populations suffer disproportionat ely from high-dollar realtors, lawyers and other bankster types (though it's quite debatable as to how "white" all those moneymen really are). However, I tend to think that the quality of any given area is ultimately a reflection of the people that live there.

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